Love spell

Ok so i have about 4 spells on him and today we chatted and he is wanting me to move on from him

Does this mean my spells are not working?

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it means he is a dickhead and you will get someone better.

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Not necessarily. Personally I wouldn’t consider it a positive sign. People can perceive anything the way they want or need, I prefer to deal with reality the way it is.

If I were you, I would leave the previous spells working, wouldn’t consider them a failure. But I would give them more strength by casting more spells… just keep in mind that one powerful spell is better than 10 weak spells.

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The last spell i had done was around one week ago. its supposed to be a romani spell to force them to love you and take away any rivals

I also had amon baphomet yemaya and raum cast a few weeks ago

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If you called spirits to bring him back, those are evocations, not spells. But in any case, one week is not long enough to believe they didn’t work. Give them more time. A month at least.

You don’t have to sit and wait… cast candle spells, meditate… etc Any work you do will support your original spells or evocations and produce better results.


So the last one could work
But just give it time

did you do a pact with any of them? Sometimes less is more and picking a specific spirit for a specific tact and setting it to “forsake all other spirits in this matter for the duration of ___” type of clause

I have what is essentially a contract template I can send you if you’d like to PM me

Yes sure, the last one could work if you give it more time.


I would like the contract template, is it ok if I PM you?

Its just im out of options totally

Im not sure where to go next

The more time that passes the more im scared he will leave altogether

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I understand. That’s why I suggested instead of waiting… to perform simple candle spells daily or until you feel better. You can use a sigil if a candle is not an option. It’s easy and effective, meditate or use visualization. No need for complicated techniques. Better than waiting.

After a month, if nothing happened, perform the rituals again or consider different approach.

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This might sound repetitive as so many on the forum have posted this kind of information but you must remember that the more you lust for results the less you will get em working you gotta let the world do his part without wishing to see a change at the next day before you can actually see a change

Thats true

Maybe he is confused and thats why hes backing away from me or the spells are not taking effect just yet

Maybe you should just forget about the spells working on him and focus on other things that’s the easiest way for this kind of things to work the best.

Greetings :smiley:

can i meditate using sigil and enn without using candles? why I live with my evangelical parents

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Yes you can meditate using a sigil and enn without a candle.

How do i do it without evoking the spirit ?

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Easiest way is to use visualization. Visualize your desired end result. It’s easy and effective.

Do i sit and focus on a sigil for a particular demon? And say in my head what i want how does it work?

Yes sit and focus on the sigil… gaze at it and chant the ennn, until the sigil starts to change shape or the atmosphere becomes heavy… when that happens, close your eyes and visualize the end result while still repeating the enn. Visualize for as long as you can… then open your eyes and thank the spirit and end the ritual the way you usually do.

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