Love spell with Sallos turning really wrong?

Hello, I’m new to magick and unfortunately think I’ve done something wrong with a get back spell… cause cancer to someone, can you please give me your opinion ?

With calling Sallos, I practiced a spell 2months ago on my ex to fix our 4 years relationship after a breakup that I think is due to a breakup spell cast against us :

  • the breakup occurred out of nowhere in 10 min, we were in perfect happiness minutes before it pops up, had a fight like we’re each controlled, at end of the argue, I had been electrocuted by touching a wall lamp, electricity crossed my body ended in an electrical black burn at my right feet… (???)

Since my spell and everyday meditation to Sallos sigil nothing happened except that we’re still close & in good terms.

4 weeks ago I was invited to eat alone with my ex’s aunt -she’s like his mother- she had never invited me before, weird that such an invitation comes up. Unexpectedly, she talked about cancer and how she don’t understand this disease « can take people in a blink of an eye ». 6 days later she was taken to hospital for little stomach pain and within 2 weeks a terminal stage cancer appeared in her while she was in very excellent health. Unless a miracle, she’s on the brink of death.

I feel that I caused this tragedy by my spell + our meeting this day, transmitting her something idk. Do you think that my spell triggered this in any way ?

If my spell is in working, I’m afraid this drama is going to be a part of it that would bring him back to me which would mean it’s my entire fault… Horrible

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Magick works. You have to be very careful with your work - can you live with the circumstances that you choose to manifest.
There’s no backfiring here, the spirits are simply doing what they need to get you what you asked. No stipulations were made to them about what they couldn’t do.
I hope others more experienced will chime in.
First thought is to ask those spirits to reverse your will.

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