Love spell saved my happiness

@Lillith_fan I get a strong feeling Gremory will be able to help you.


@anon48957109 I might be speaking outta my ass on this one. But my limited perspective sees a social relation between availability of energies focused for women wooing a man is less compared to a man wooing a women. Does the number of spirit options correlates with demand vs supply?
I’m just saying with no proof to support my thought. Isn’t it?

i’ve noticed that myself. Ya just a feeling here too.

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So an update to all who likes to know. Tonight I was successfully able to do this ritual. I mean results obviously are awaited. But given the fact I’d never done such a large scale ritual and I’m not yet by any means as powerful as some of you out there. I had some odds against me for this one. Now it was to my surprise that I had remembered every single word I’d written in my script/ workflow for this size of ritual. It took 5 hours to complete and I didn’t even feel like it was more than 30 minutes. Yeah I know, I was surprised myself when I saw the watch. I went on for 5 hours straight. Sigils were flashing almost instantaneously and I was able to hold them for much longer than ever before. It was like I was being supported by some energy. So this is a special shout out and a word of thanks to that energy. Guys keep an eye on this space, a gratitude/ thanks message will be coming soon for all the entities I evoked today. It will be once I’m successfully able to manifest my happy reunion with my love Kanika.
Guys pray for me please.


I’d like to know the info on this please ! I’m in the same situation. I’m lost with without my ex .


Same situation over here can you please provide detailes for the ritual

Update? Seven months later