Love spell saved my happiness

About a month ago I had posted a shout out for help here. Rise and fall of your fellow magician

With immense feeling of gratitude I write this post as a shout out for all the spirits and people who came to my aid within last 4 weeks. Thank you all for bringing the love of my life back to me. Let me first take this moment to have a mention of them
Spirits: Lord Satan, King Paimon, Belial, Lillith, Astarte, Hacate, Ladilok, Sallos
@Verdo, @HellDevil, @Lady_Eva, @DarkestKnight, @C.Kendall, @anon20147451, @happyinside, @Vagabond Moon and everyone who participated in discussions over my few posts since last couple of weeks. I know the list seems long but a few names I’ve mentioned are in honorary for a ritual I’m gonna do this Friday.

So 6 weeks ago my partner left me due to the family constraints we both have (details can be seen in my original post I’ve left a link above for). Then for about 2 weeks of constant conversations but of deteriorating quality finally the love of my life had blocked me from everywhere. This was 4 weeks ago. That’s when I reached out to you all for help. After doing a few rituals suggested by (@verdo made me a reunion sigil and @C.Kendall Heartagram ritual) I kept on loosing hope day on day basis. I still kept on my constant regime of daily evocations of various spirits. I use to charge the reunion sigil at least 2 times a day and use to pray unto Lillith, Hacate and Astarte. I also evoked Sallos once (I got declined by Sallos). But an immediate result was not happening. So, everyday I was slipping in depression more and more. It was this period of 3 weeks when I in spite of knowing lusting for result will prove to be counter productive, couldn’t help but wanting her back as soon as right now. It of course doesn’t work like that. I was running out of options because I knew the immense feeling of grief and scarcity in me was making me more desperate for result. I needed a right channel to vent out all at once. This was a challenge until I came across @anon20147451 ritual “a powerful layered love spell”. This gave me an idea of why dont I prepare a grandeur ritual of multiple rituals layered one on top of the other. Now of course a few might think that my intention of preparing a grandeur ritual was to speed up the process or as an overkill. Trust me I know it doesn’t work like that. The only intention was to do such a ritual was to completely drains out myself of every last bit of feeling and so that I can forget about it once and for all. This way letting the magic work it’s way in its own time. So the day before yesterday I was able to prepare a script of a ritual which has several rituals amalgamated/layered one top of the other. (All the above names I mentioned, these rituals are from them and I express humble gratitude for it). I just had a feeling that this will work.
Now to the magical part of it. Even before I could perform that mother of ritual (I like to say it that way just for the drama effect), my girl called me. So she called me the same night when I had just finished the procedural scripture of this ritual. The call was rather short and nothing too significant happened on it. But today she called me in the day again. She and I spoke for almost 13 hours straight. You bet we can talk :wink:. We had all sorts of emotions exchanged. She expressed how much she’s been devastated without me. How she’s been crying constantly and even went to mention that she feel incomplete without me and misses me a lot. At the same time she did ask me not to get any wrong ideas from this call and we can’t be together as our families will always be a roadblock for us. She swung both the sides throughout the call and so did I. I played it Mr. Cool at some points and at some places lost my composure and told her that I still love her and will always love her forever. The point being the way she was expressing her love for me went down verbatim to the way I had wished it in my daily meditations and my rituals. I kid you not, it was like listening to myself when I was praying that she should say these words and feel these feelings for me.

Now I know it’s not an outright victory and we haven’t yet reunited as what we were but this definitely is the beginning. As a matter of fact she’s even set up a date with me for day after tomorrow. The reason I wrote about this here is if you guys are reading I want your help and guidance to know how do I handle her now? I know I can be silly but if I was already emotionally equipped about this then the break up wouldn’t have happened. So you can get the tug of war she and I are having right now? She’s right at the edge and this is my window. She’s a strong headed girl and loves her man to be equally strong so if I go vulnerable then I might push her away and at the same time if I become too hard I might tick her off as she feels insulted easily.

PS. If you want the details of the grandeur ritual I have prepared please PM me. It’s too long and I can’t post it here. I can’t even attach it as its a word file.


Wait my apologies. It’s not a date. She needs some professional advice so she’s asked me to help over a cup of coffee. Even though she kept on hinting that this can be for several hours as when we meet we’ll forst chit chat for a couple of hours and then only we’ll talk work. But I’d consider this not as a date still.


damn thats intense! it does confirm what i was saying though. She already loves you quite a bit, and its been intensified. And the whole “i need marketing help” is clearly the excuse she uses to talk to you. What i would do now is work with entities and prepare spells that will change her mind and make her go against her parents. Paimon may be good here since you’ve worked with him before, even though i dont think love matters is his thing. Ladilok as i mentioned before should also be able to help her go against her parents wishes. Her mind needs to be changed and shes gotta see how wrong her parents are.


Excellent work. I’m proud of you dawg.

The professional advice thing is an excuse. You will end up talking about everything that happened.

As for what you should do - it seems like a complicated situation, so go in with a cool head, and see what happens. The magick is already working in your favor.

Do not break down crying and try not to lose composure. That’s gonna be counterproductive.

You could try and change her and her parent’s minds about the whole thing with the help of Orias and Belial, ie make it be ‘okay’.


It’s still a small Victory that can lead to a huge one. Very happy for you! Like you said play it cool so she doesn’t get uneasy.

I agree with the advice so far and I’d also say if you do another ritual do the purge after again so you can dump all the feeling into it :slight_smile:


Yes making her change her mind about her parents is a part of the ritual I shared with you. I’m asking King Paimon to control her parents for me now.


King Belial and King Paimon is a part of my repertoire of that grand ritual primarily to control her parents and make her go against them if need be. Something tells me the need will be. But Orias, I haven’t heard about. Please pardon my limited knowledge. Can you educate me a little about him?

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Thank you Alita. I really appreciate the good wishes. Yes I’m going to just observe and say less in this meet

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Orias is a Marquis excelling in manipulation, physical changes, and astrology.

He is able to shift the thoughts and feelings of others to get you what you desire.

Favour of others, promotions, making someone choose you over someone else, or help you out even if they might not want to initially… shit like that.


This is GREATT !! :+1::grin::grin: congratulations Big Brother.

Waiting for Full Results now.


hi good evening if you like to pass me how it works,and your still working woth king paimon?

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Happy for you brother, keep it up.
I hope things will fall into its place. Congratulations on achieving your goals

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Hey nice to know, this is the things exactly I wanted. I researched about this but couldn’t find his sigil or enn’s.
Can I have his sigil and more information?

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Really? :rofl:


Orias is :man_facepalming:

We are a family here at B.A.L.G and take care of our own💞 I’m so happy to hear of your success❗


Thank you for your kind words. Yes it feels awesome to be a part of such a great group. I feel like home with you all.


[quote=“Verdo, post:3, topic:33153, full:true”] Ladilok as i mentioned before should also be able to help her go against her parents wishes. Her mind needs to be changed and shes gotta see how wrong her parents are.

Can Ladilok be used for a womentrying to draw a man to her? Thanks

by the description of her, i would say no. She really is a demoness who specializes in ensnaring women for the pleasure of men in the most misogynistic of ways


I agree that’s definitely in theory. @Lillith_fan you might benefit from Belial to eliminate all blocks first and then Dantalion or Gremory. I say this out of my theoretical knowledge I’ve gained by reading intensively over the past month as I’m also in a process of getting my girl back. You can see I’m almost there. So don’t take my word for it. I’m no expert on this topic you see