Love spell question

Last year I did a love spell and asked Astarte to bring me a chosen mate. Soon after there was this beautiful woman at work and she instantly became obsessed with me! She would constantly throw herself at me like her life depended on it all the time. She would color her hair different, do her makeup different, dress different and try to say hi to me but when I would ignore her then sometimes she’d break out into tears. The reason I ignored her is because I saw pictures of what looked to be her daughter on her desk and I didn’t want someone with kids. I left the job in July and I saw her walking into wal mart and she looked she had lost a lot of weight and was really skinny. Plus she had her hair curly like me with the chola style look (I have a cholo look) plus I hit on another girl in front of her when I was at that job and at the wal mart she had her makeup done like the girl I hit on. I feel really bad about being such a jerk and it was wrong for me to ignore her. I then started thinking that if she has a daughter then I would accept her. A month ago I did another spell asking Astarte to send her back but nothings happened so far. I really want to be with this woman. Any suggestions on what I could do?


It sounds to me Astarte is working well for except there may be a miscommunication in terms of what it is you originally wanted and what Astarte provided.

My suggestion would be to be clear within yourself what kind of mate (or sexual partner if you just want lust) and be sure that that is clearly defined for yourself and expressed to Astarte.

What I think happened was that the desire and need you were communicating was done poorly and so Astarte tried to provided that to you in equal measure by finding somebody who appears to be very clingy and needy and thus is more willing to desire you without much qualifications.

So whenever you are more specific about what you want and that you are unwilling to accept anything else you will communicate that to Astarte and perhaps even imagine that those lacking the qualities you are looking for excluded altogether; either not attracted to you at all, ignore you, watever.

Hope this helps.

Why not visit your old workplace and have a chat with this lady?
Your recent spell had no effect because most likely it was Astarte’s way of telling you: ‘’ Last time i did all the work on my part, yet you did nothing. Now it is your turn to do everything and for me to do nothing.’’

So go for it. Besides the work is already done. She fell for you. Now it really is a walk in the park. If she was obsessed with you, then she probaly still has feelings. Don’t expect Astarte to help bring her your way. She has done her part. Now it is for you to make your move.

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I did some work once and didn’t immediately grab the result when it was offered, because it wasn’t exactly what I’d wanted. I don’t want to go into details because it involves people I was working with, but it seemed like all my other work stalled a bit until I realised this and actually kind of apologised to the spirit who’d, after all, done their part in good faith.

I guess it’s like getting someone a gift, carefully wrapping it, and they rattle it and then chuck it aside without much interest - you’d be reluctant to shower them with gifts after that. Okay that IS anthropomorphising but that was my experience, not saying it to scare you but just because you might want to look into whether this has caused any problems. I hope it hasn’t, but always better to learn from some other eejit’s mistakes! :slight_smile:

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It’s time to begin a reconciliation work my friend. A good 21 day one too because you’ve done pissed her off lol. You got access to her hair, finger nails, or something like that right?

You mean the woman that fell for me? We never even met. She just looked at me and became obsessed. It seems like it was after I did the love spell. She would constantly walk past me and try to get my attention but i’ve never touched her or talked to her cuz I would ignore her so I don’t have access to her hair or nails or anything of hers.

You can make a poppet that resembles her, it’s far better to have a link but not at all impossible to affact people without one.

Do you have any e-mails from her or anything, or anything she created online, like a blog or whatever?

I have no information about her online or anything. All I have is her name and the memory of what she looks like but yeah I could make a poppet that looks like her. If you let me know the process of making it all work with the poppet then I would appreciate it. Plus working with poppets is not an area of occultism that I have tried so for me the more learning experience the better.

A poppet with just a name, not even a picture? Don’t expect much. Like I said, 21 days of reconciliation to heal her heart for what you did. Unless you’ve got years of experience, a poppet won’t do shit to control her in this case.

I’ve done poppet magick on people I only know from online interactions, and you just pour all the memories and impressions of that person into it as you form it - I only recently got into this seriously because of a work-related situation, and I got good results, you never know how good you’re going to be unless you try.

I use offcast bits of wax like drips from candles, this is on the basis that they’ve spent the purpose they were made for, and are now neutral of any dharma - I’m an animist, I believe things have souls, and that in some cases using something that’s served its main purpose is more effective. I also kind of derived it from the beliefs about shed hair and nail clippings in Zoroastrianism.

If that feels wrong to you though, don’t do it! :wink:

I melt them and make the face first, pouring all my intent and memories of that person into it, then a make a “heart” and wrap that in more wax to form the torso and neck and back of head, and attach the face I made, then I make the arms, finally the legs and some genitals. I make the rest quite vestigial and basic but the face is crafted with all my thoughts about that person, even something they wrote pulled up on the screen or whatever.

I attached some thread as their hair in the same colour and in one case made a version of a piece of clothing that it seems this person likes to wear a lot.

Baptism is no part of my practice, though I know it’s used a lot in other methods, but I “open the mouth” of the poppet which is something I took from Egyptian funerary rites and improvised for use in evocation as a kid.

I do this by using my right forefinger to point at each part, and commanding: “Now I open thy mouth, that thou might breathe and speak; now I open thine eyes, so thou might see my will; now I open thine ears, that thou might hear my words.”

Finally when I have the rest of the spellworking materials set up, I evoke the spirit of the person into the poppet, by calling “(Name) come, come, come into this body I crafted for thee” then operate my will upon it, and then in the two cases I mentioned, I threw one wrapped in string into a stream commanding it be bound to my will for the next 3 months (for reasons, that was long enough) and the other remains in a box on a shelf for, well, more reasons! :slight_smile:

I “paid” the stream by throwing in a couple of quartz crytals I’d blessed before and after the poppet went in, this is probably not relevant to your situation but the little touches keep everyone happy, all the nature spirits etc.

Love spells aren’t my main thing, anyway, but that’s how I made a handful of wax drippings into items that have affected life outcomes for other people, and my method was mainly improvised using what works for me already, but there are also a lot of tutorials online for this stuff, so it’s pronably best to shop around and find a method that really resonates with you, since doubt is the enemy of effective spellworking.


You attached hair which explains the strong connection lol

It was sewing thread the colour of their hair - I’ve never met this person, only saw their photo on Facebook.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

let us know how it works out. that sounds like a pretty complex poppet. did it end up shaped well so that it was workable? I’m picturing the wax and seeing it falling all apart.

Yes, it worked, that’s why I didn’t post about it before until the result was confirmed and not reversable - I needed the person to get out of my way so I bound them to take certain actions using the poppet.

I guess you could say it was a combined evocation/spell? Evoking spirits into images (statues or drawings) is something I’ve been doing since I was a kid.

The wax is quite brittle, so on this occasion, I didn’t use nails but if you do, you need to heat them and drive them in carefully. I heated the wax in the bottom half of a soda can held over a tealight, and formed the little body on a regular tea tray.

I do a lot of crafting so I’m pretty good with small detailed projects, and this picture was before my eyes throughout childhood, it fascinated me - my mum had a shelf of her novels:

Both those poppet spells that I mentioned there have now worked successfully and I got what I wanted, and this was based on Facebook posts & photos, and a couple of e-mails I was re-reading while making them. I’ve done other stuff using wax poppets but it’s either still in progress, or baneful, and I don’t like to share to much about that.

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Hey did you get someone to cast the spell with Astarte ? If so can you let me know who because I want my ex girlfriend back and from your experience I want someone to do a some work with Astarte for me because I’m to unexparenced and don’t know what I’m doing.

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