Love spell question

I know this is a dumb question but will a love spell still work if you’re unsure you want to be with the person? Like I want my family together and I want to be with him but I’m tired of chasing him

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Yes it’ll work

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Not. U need a binding. Well 5.see love spell fade. U need #1,sweet him to u. #2 binding. #3 love spell. #4 domination by birthdate, name, items. 5.u will to impose. And 2 more things. Clear yourself first to remove any obstacles.

You definitely don’t need to bind the target to your will.

Also, the birthdate and extra items are merely tools to keep your focus.

Before you fire back with a retort, i’ve worked with some of the most knowledgeable beings on emotional needs and wants. Asmoday, Astarte, Ladilok, Lilith, Freya, etc. The binding is not necessary, and it may completely fuck you over if you do that. The OP isn’t sure if the target is who she really wants, a binding will just make it more of an inconvenience for her in the long run.

OP, love spells are not to be taken lightly, but they will work on any target. Just remember to make it your own and if you are ceremonial in your craft use items that are both important to both yourself and the target. Best of luck to you.

Nolan i t may rgt the binding in case the person regreat it. And yes i have worked whit sex spirts long time, no just the one u mentioned above but a few more unkow in tis forom. Such luzbel agarethet abraxatan mares koechh, and many more. Sometimes 10 in a spell. Above birtdates on some Ceremony rituals in circle, its like name, birtdare which peopls say no not necessarily but others spells say mother of who daughter is etc, i follow witchcraft and ceremonial stile from europe. Plus the forum here. And yes you have experience too.