Love spell progress

Hello there!

I’m glad I finally found a place to ask questions about spells and see real people in this site. I’d like to share my experience with the love spell I ordered.

I ordered a love spell on a my ex lover with a spell caster. The spellcaster told me that the manifestation time takes around one full moon cycle. I’m halfway there, almost on my third week after casting the spell.

Long story short, me and my ex blocked each other, but I regularly check her social media with another account to see any signs the spell is working.

On the first week I felt a bit better, with lots of hope the spell would work. I started to notice that she was posting more than usual, she even posted a photo I took her a while ago, also I dreamed about her a couple of times, but that was about it.

On the second week there was a long period of silence on her part in social media, and I started to get desperate, I stopped dreaming about her and I started to question if the spell was actually working, the only thing I started to notice is that I was hearing her name and noticing things that reminded me of her.

Now I’m on my way into the third week after ordering the spell, but she feels more distant than ever, I’m not dreaming about her anymore, it feels like she’s started dating, and what worries me is that I’m dreaming with other women instead of her. I’m feeling desperate and hopeless, and she’s now posting things like where she will go out on the weekend, and posting pics of her life without me. I’m still blocked but she changed her posts to public posts so I can still see them with a fake account. Sometimes she posts sad songs, but then she deletes them and posts other type of songs like, “I’ll move on” type of songs.

From what I researched, the desperation part is a good sign since the spell affects both people, more to the person ordering the spell than the targeted person, and that feeling of always having that person in your mind, affects both parts. I also read that the second and third week are the toughest since the other person is trying to rationalize her newfound emotions and might feel like she’s running away from you.

Some say it is in the fourth week when you start to see the spell manifestation with some sort of communication. Some cases take more time from one to two additional weeks.

I just want to get your thoughts on the symptoms I’ve experienced so far, and I you see some signs of progress on this love spell or something weird like dreaming with other women or her being more distant. :pray:

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First of all, welcome to the forum. Before continuing, please follow the forum rule of posting an introduction here

Second, you’re lusting for results and obsessing by constantly checking this woman’s social media. What are you hoping to gain by doing this? What happens if she posts that she’s going out or is dating someone? Why subject yourself to this? Do you have any hobbies or anything to distract yourself from stalking her social media?

You have to give the spell time to work. You have to give the spell time to manipulate the situation to provide the best opportunity to give you what you want, within reason. You’re not fully letting go and having faith in the work that was done because you’re always on her social media, checking for signs and signals that something is happening.

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1 - It is a rule in this forum to introduce yourself, so go and do that.

2- I don’t think you can put a date in a work like this.

3 - Go and introduce yourself.


Don’t pluck the fruit before it’s ripe.

A watched pot never boils


Sorry, newbie here

Thanks for the quick responses

I just want to know what I should and shouldn’t do in the meantime.

It’s clear to me that I should stop :stop_sign: stalking lol.

What would be a good/bad omen based on your experiences that the spell is either working well or not?
How to interpret dreams, sudden feeling of fear, happiness, sadness?

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Don’t lust for results. Cast the spell abs forget about it. If you Lust you will make it so your Magick doesn’t work. I haven’t looked yet but I saw @ReyCuervo mention that you have to do your intro did you do this?

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Hi, angel, yes I did, sorry for not reading the rules :frowning:

If I was constantly lusting for results, did I already spoiled the spell, or can I just let the spell run its course without adjusting it?

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I would try again with a beer spell for it and forget about it.

Reverse the first one though. Too much Magick is also bad.

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My spell caster is at least reinforcing it once a week, so maybe I’m just overthinking.
Any advise on what to do or look for in the meantime? Any omen or “coincidence” or should I just sit and wait for the person to reach out?

Its just that sometimes I get an urge to call her, sometimes I suddenly feel sad, happy, angry lol, and I feel like at times she’s missing me, but later i sense that she doesn’t give a damn haha :frowning:

I’ve always being super intuitive and I don’t know if the spell has something to do or is just me.

This is lusting.

Just forget about it. Magick does not happen overnight it can take years.


You said you are stalking does she know this? Because if she takes legal action or if she blocks you on social media it will be really hard they her back.

There is such thing as doing too much and no king respecting for will, feelings or consent.

Nope, I think is mutual stalking lol.

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Then why is there an issue? This sounds more like mundane communication needed no love spell required.

@Angelb1083 let me explain

When I was with her, several months before breaking up. She started to feel constantly tired, she had back issues, pain, and constant nightmares at night, and she would constantly tell me that she felt observed at night making her wake up around 3 am. We went to the doctor to get her treatment, at this point I thought this was something that could be explained with science. The doctor told her that she didn’t had any health issues, at that it was related to posture, stress and anxiety, she changed pillows, bought a new bed, and got herself a one of those back support cushions, nothing helped. She later started to become a bit irrational, selfish and extremely irritable, not only with me, but with her family and coworkers as well, and the nightmares continued. Then she decided to go with a shaman, and this person told her that she had a really strong work done by someone from her past. She got a cleansing and got herself a talisman as a protection. She felt better and it lasted around one month and a half until the talisman broke. But in the meantime I was the one having nightmares, and extremely bad luck, I got second degree burns in my leg, i was constantly ill, my apartment flooded twice, I had a lot of bad luck with my car, flat tires, suspension damage, had to change it twice, money issues I’ve never experienced, troubles with my job, and feeling constantly tired, watched and depressed among many other things, which ended up hurting my relationship with her. After breaking up, I got a reading and what I was told is that i didn’t have any sort of spiritual works done but my ex on the other hand was another story. And that most likely her lower vibrations were affecting me as a result. I was told that I had “hidden enemies” from her past, and that I was connected with her in the 5D.
The breakup reason was a Huge misunderstanding, which she was way to angry to even discuss it with me. Nonetheless, she was way to irrational to even discuss the situation and we ended up blocking each other.

I tried to reach out two times after the breakup, but she was so convinced that it was my fault, and I just couldn’t get a fair shot at explaining things.

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This is a lot and something that just aLove spell can not get through. You are dealing with some baneful Magick. Which is something I don’t work with and I am not 100% sure you can do the work for her.

It sounds like the break up was needed so she could get better, when I person doesn’t feel like themselves or are being chased with a curse/hex a relationship would be put on the backburner no matter how much they love you.

Also the talisman broke because it protected her, I’ve gone through cycles where I’ve gone through a lot during negative stages of my life.

Plus it sounds like that as soon as she protects herself you end up getting and the guilt maybe getting to her.

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I feel that :open_mouth:

Could be what magick u had done to her came back to you . Especially after she got cleansed and protection .

Hi, do you have an update on your situation?