Love spell on things

Anyone knows of a spell that you can do on someone’s belongings, like clothes, to make them feel attracted to you or bring them back in your life?


Have you met clothes that can feel…?! Wow That’s amazing!!


You can buy some hoodoo love oil off amazon and dab it on their stuff , just make sure
They associate it with you , also project a talisman on their clothes with visualization , do it until the energy feel settled in the clothes

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Being funny is still a thing on these lands

@MagusOfGamaliel im reading a lot in here, but i ve never seen a similar topic… :smile::smile::see_no_evil:

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To add to this:

It might work better if the clothing item is something that you gift to them, so the association with you is already attached to the object. You can then use that association to manipulate feelings and perception.

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English pronoun reference is a never ending source of fun :smile:

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Do candle magic(double lovers candle, plus oils, herbs, fragrance), annoint them, charge them, use bodily fluids. If you can give them back so the person wears then, even better.

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English is not my first language! Sorry, I hope you guys understood what I mean!

So I have some of his belongings, clothes and other stuff. Can I use them somehow to bind him to me or anything?

you can do a simple candle magic
write the name of the person on the candle light it up hold on the object in one hand feel it like feeling the energies of that person gaze into the candle flame create their image bring them into your mind visualize what you want how you want that person to come to you push in all your desire into it .


Thank you!

I also have his toothbrush. I really need help, if anyone else can come up with other ideas i will appreciate a lot!

What’s wrong with the suggestions given? Did you do that already?

The items are a link to him so you can use these in whatever type of spell you want to.

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