Love spell on myself

I was wondering, if I perform a certain love spell on myself, what would be the final effect? What about lust spells?
Since some spells make you obsessed with the person you’re enchanting, would I be obsessed with myself? I would lust for myself? This sounds very weird to me.

Time ago I made a pact with Beleth, so she would give me to some woman who asked for someone with my characteristics for a romantic relationship. That was like putting a love spell on myself. It was a complete disaster.

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Well, it sounds promissing. You mentioned that it was a disaster, but may I ask if at least it worked and the woman you asked for appeared?
I was thinking more of a love spell in the sense of developing self steem and confidence and just literally starting to learn how to love myself.

I don’t know if my English failed there, but I tried to say that I used Beleth’s power in a reversed way. She asked for a guy with my characteristics at some point of that time, and I asked Beleth to bring me to someone who had asked that, thus the desire fulfilled was of hers. Beleth brings men to women. It was a disaster because I was what she needed but she wasn’t what I needed, and as with any failed love spell, it was not easy to get away from her.
A spell to give you self steem and confidence will more likely deceive your brain, and once it’s over you will feel bad again, so I recommend you to work in your self steem in ways that are more meaningful and long lasting.

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Honestly, I see it resulting in a deeper self acceptance as far as the love spells go. We think of love mainly on the emotional connection aspect. However, I would also argue that love also deals with a mental connection made as you get to know the other person where you see the things they are great at, what they are not so great at, and what straight up fascinates you. A love spell on yourself, at least how my thoughts are going, would do the same with you in relation to yourself. Might not be a bad way to kick off shadow working where one is dealing with parts of ourselves and our past we rather not face (just a theory, I have not tried it).

As far as lust, I can only see it either making yourself hot or bring yourself more aware of your urges (maybe the combination of the two could help one accept their sexuality in a positive light. Once again, a theory)

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