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Hi all,

Okay so, today a friend of mine told me that my love, whom I’ve been casting love spells on for the past 5 months trying to get him to return to me, wanted to break up with girlfriend a while back. They wouldn’t tell me when exactly because they couldn’t remember but at least a couple of weeks ago or something. He thought she was immature and tried to break up with her but backed out because she was crying so much and promised she would change her behaviour. According to my friend, he was mainly too comfortable in the relationship and insecure on his own to go through with the break up but definitely isn’t that in love with her. So, because of this I was wondering if there was a spell or something I could do to really bring him back to me. I don’t feel comfortable doing any sour jars or break up spells because I’m afraid that that will just lead to him breaking up with and not coming back to me. If that makes sense.

So anyone know what kind of spell I could do to give him the courage or whatever to break up with her and come back to me?

Any and all advice appreciated <3

may i ask what love spell have you been doing?

What’s wrong with casting a breakup spell first? Do that first then go for a reconciliation spell.

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Depending on the reason for your breakup with him you could try actually talking to him. A little communication can go a long way.

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Yeah, of course. I haven’t actually been doing one love spell, rather several as has been recommended in various topics on this forum. So I have done the following:

  • Law of Attraction
  • Think of Me Spell
  • Think of Me Jar
  • Sweeten Them Up Jar (I’ve done I think three of these, one with white sugar, one with brown sugar and one with honey)
  • Obsession Jar
  • Domination Jar (with my urine and his photo taped to the bottom of the jar)
  • Simple Candle Spells multiple times, I’ve done the visualization taught by E.A. Koetting, I’ve also carved his full name on the candles and dressed the candles in my menstrual blood
  • Petition spells
  • Various Communication spells, one was basically a petition spell where I kept it by my phone for a few days (did this multiple times) and then burned it, another was a ritual calling upon the element of air to encourage him to contact him
  • Voodoo doll made of red fabric, filled with ripped cotton balls, lavender and roses (for love), cinnamon (for lust), a photo of him with full name and DOB written in the back and petition (for him to be in love with me and give us another chance)
  • Petition deities (Freyja, Aphrodite, Lucifer, Amon, Sallos, Santa Muerte, Belial, Asmodeous)
  • Petition his higher self
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Honestly, there is also hesitation on my part to do it because I have no experience with specifically baneful magick. You are right though, that would be the wisest move. Are there any break up spells you would be willing to recommend?

You already did several spells. How long you are doing this spells?
Edit: You are doing these spells for last 5 months. Okay pretty good. Now you have to move forward for the final war.

Ah, well, I’ve been trying to get him to come back to me through magick mainly because he was the one who broke up with me. It was because he wasn’t ready for commitment but then several months later he got committed to this girl.

Also, legit scared to do so, quite a socially awkward bird here LOL. How would I go about talking to him like about us and/or whatever? I have sent him a message the other day, mainly because I was worried for him with COVID-19 because he works part-time in cleaning services. Convo was short, and it usually is everytime we run into each other now, like if we were like acquaintances or something :confused: I have zero idea on how to like work on that the mundane way so if you can give any advice on that, I would be extremely and incredibly grateful :heart:

That’s how it starts, with the relationship having ended such a way it’s no surprise the conversations are short. It’s probably just as awkward for him as it is for you but you have to keep at it. The conversations will get longer the relation will deepen again and so on and so forth.

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Okay, okay, I see. So, like and this may sound like a dumb question and if so I apologise, how would I go about messaging him again and starting a convo if he left my last message on read?

Use things you have in common. Keep your conversations open ended like dont ask him a yes or no question. Maybe something like “do you still do ______?” or if you liked his family you can ask about them if you haven’t. Use what you know about him.

No no no… I think you both has to be see the thread of “Biggest ex return rules”. @anon818 you should have to disconnect from him totally.

Okay, @David211 yeah I checked that one out. Fair point, totally forgot about that, thank you!

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Wow you have tried so many spells…!!
Have you seen any change so far…?

He’s not that happy with his girlfriend anymore, so there is some, however to my knowledge that is about it.

Can you tell me about the candle spell. Or any communication spells please

do u have the instruction links for these spells

Which ones @Fallen_Human? Please specify. If you mean all of them then I found most of these spells either here on BALG, Reddit’s Witchcraft sub-group/community and YouTube.

For instance here is a link to both some of the communication and jar spells I did @Hogface :

Here is E.A Koetting’s candle magick spell: