Love Spell Experience

I want to premise this post by saying that this experience is in no way trying to urge you not to do love spells. That is up for you to decide and every single romantic situation is different.

That being said, I’m going to share my story of love magick. Alright, so about exactly a year ago I was going through a really rough break up. A few days went by and some other guy came along. I’ve always had a little bit of a crush on him, and I was newly single so I was excited to start dating him. We went on a few dates, but we didn’t have a ton of chemistry. Still, I was lonely and I thought he was so extremely handsome and stylish so I figured I’d give it a go. We finally had sex a few times and he definitely gave me signs of having feelings, so I confessed mine to him. He was a little shocked by how blunt I was, but it did not scare him away. Actually, he seemed to start perusing me even more. I was still had heavy feelings for my ex, but I was honestly just so happy to have someone new.

Fast forward a month, he suffers a very very traumatic death in his life. He pushed me away in a major way. I couldn’t blame him for it, it only seemed natural. Well, he slowly started coming around again but did not seem to have any interest in me emotionally anymore. It made me sad because I was finally over my ex and our connection and friendship was starting to grow. Well, this is when I started to do love work on him. This was my first time doing magick on anyone, so it was uncharted territory. I think the first spell I did was a basic attraction spell. It really seemed to work, but I didn’t stop there. When I felt like his interest was waning again, I performed a love binding spell and another attraction spell. This time the results were literally mind blowing. He took me to meet his parents and started taking me on trips. I still wasn’t happy, I wanted him to me his girlfriend. So, I made a honey jar. My petition was to have monogamy. Which looking back on it was stupid because we had a basic agreement of sexual exclusivity from the beginning.

Well, it worked alright. We were spending literally all of our free time together and he was introducing me to all his friends. We had all the normal attributes of a “couple”, but he never seemed 100% into me. I could just feel it in my whole body that he didn’t truly authentically love me. It was robotic, it felt forced. He wanted to spend every second with me, but when we were together he would hardly touch me, let alone kiss me (even when we had sex). At this point I was so wrapped up in my love/infatuation for him that I just let this all continue for about a year. He still never called me his girlfriend and he still never showed me true affection and attention like I’d seen him in past relationships. Actually, he became emotionally abusive and even was violent to me on several occasions.

Eventually, I decided enough was a enough and started destroying all of the spells I had created. I truly felt like I was forcing him. We were both so confused. So after a huge fight, he left the country. During this time, I met someone new within a few days and decided to move on from him. It was a beautiful natural, right off the bat attraction type of thing. We didn’t have to force anything. So then I leave the country. The previous guy and I had a long FaceTime talk and we both walked away from with mutual respect. Well, when I got back to the US, he was texting me saying he’d like to see me. I still had feelings for him and he confessed that he did too. I figured that maybe if the spells were broken and time had passed, he was coming to me out of his own free will. So I was excited.

Abruptly, after exchanging nice messages, I accidentally sent him a picture of me and the new guy in bed naked. When I say “acidentally” I’m telling you it was literally orchestrated by the universe. I have NO idea how it happened, but when I looked down at my phone it was already sent. I sent him a long, long message apologizing. He never responded.

A day later, he posted a picture with new girlfriend. Not a “thing” like I was. A full blown girlfriend. And what is so crazy is from what my friends say they met like only 2 weeks before the photo was taken. That meant that after a year of trying and begging the universe to make him love me, it failed. Why? Because it was forced love. As soon as I set him free he found a woman that he was actually attracted to on every level. He was not attracted to me in that way. He absolutely loved me as a friend, I know that because we’ve been friends for years. But beyond sex and friendship, I was nothing more to him. I knew that all along, I was just so desperate for him to love me. And even when we were able to make amends and be friends, the universe bit me in the ass and now he absolutely hates me. He thinks I sent the picture on purpose. Who wouldn’t? So now I just look like a dumbass in every sense of the word. But hey, I learned a lot from this. I will never ever force someone to love me through magick ever again. Spicing up romance in an already existing relationship or asking the universe to bring someone special to you is one thing, but binding someone who has no intention of being with you and putting them in a honey jar is something different. I learned my lesson. Now someone who could’ve potentially been one of my closest friends hates my guts. It sucks and I know for a fact it is because of what I did.