Love spell did not work

What could be the reason on why all the love spell I’ve done did not work?

There are many possible explanations. A few are:

  1. You are too desperate or obsessive and cannot let go enough to allow the magick to work. The more emotional investment you have in the result, the less likely the spell is to succeed in bringing you what you want. This is the age old contradiction of magick - To get what you want, you have to have the mindset of already having it.

  2. Your target is fighting the magick and his will is stronger than yours

  3. Your target has protection which is deflecting or breaking the spells


The one you did it on might already love you or it did work but the person is just hiding it maybe…


okay…well, he’s an ex that I want back. What will be the best thing for me to do?

My advice is to find someone to give you an unbiased, neutral tarot reading and find out the reason your spells are failing. Once you know that, you can find a way around it.

okay, will do.

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last thing…can you guys give me an example of what search I should use in the taskbar to find a ritual in helping me not to be attached to the guy anymore or who’s spirit shall I invoke to help me lose the feelings and emotions?

Search for “emotional transmutation.”

This is a big part of the rituals in the books by the Gallery of Magick. You don’t lose your attachment or feelings, but instead you change them within the ritual into another.

Essentially, it boils down to turning your desire for the return of your ex into the feeling of having your ex back, and then taking that emotion and slightly tweaking it so it is as some time has passed, and you are looking back at your successful magick.


All spells work through the truth of Unity of Consciousness and that consciousness, being the only reality, is the only power in your experience. So, when it does not work you’ve got to get back to basics, your roots: your individual consciousness. Please understand that working a ritual provides tremendous leverage to changing a state of mind but, ultimately, the state must be allowed to change for you to see the corresponding results. Keep in mind, in duality where you think you are an individual consciousness making “free will” choices, you are automatically exposed to the variability that comes with perceiving “others” and their own “independence”. Then, you’ve got things like general negativity and worry, attachment to outcome etc.

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