Love spell backfired? Attracting everyone but the person I want

I cast a love spell to attract a specific person back into my life. However, he still has me blocked. The thing is I’m being bombarded by offers from other people. It’s like every ex or person I went on only one date wants to be with me. Even guys I didn’t speak to before are messaging me. One guy is from high school - over 10 years ago, who never talked to me before. Another was a coworker and friend of my ex-husband, who I also never talked to and I haven’t seen in 6 years.

My question is did the spell backfire in some weird way? Or is it just a quarantine thing? I made the spell to specifically attract one person back into my life. I used his name, dob, and picture, so what’s the deal?

What spell did you use?

I just lit a red candle used his photo with dob, full name, and petition written on it. I set my intention for him to contact me and be in my life again. I dripped wax on the photo/petition to seal my intention. Anyway everyone else is randomly trying to enter my life and it’s annoying lol

How long ago did you do your love working?
It is a common side effect you could say that after casting a love spell it brings new and old people to you as well.
Did you also divine to see how your target feels about you? First step should be a divination.

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Have you tried working with a spirit ? Not saying it would be better or worse than the spell, but maybe Sallos or Beleth can help.

I didn’t do any divination mainly because I haven’t learned how to yet. This is only my 4th spell ever. I thought if I kept it fairly simple it would work well. I didn’t realize I would attract so many others when I was being so specific. I did the spell last night and once a month ago both with the unwanted side effects :roll_eyes:. While saying his name and that he will contact me out loud, the flame crackled loudly and acted wild and sporadic but was strong throughout the whole spell. He is a real stubborn person so that’s why I did the spell twice. I feel he is resisting a bit. We have a strong connection, so I feel it if that makes sense. But I also sense that he loves me lol it’s a bit complicated. I’m just trying to establish communication to patch things up.

I really don’t know enough to work with spirits. I’ve only done hoodoo and candle magick using just my intentions. Is there a book or something you could recommend for learning to work with spirits? I am interested, but I’m trying to get the basics down first before asking spirits to assist me. Apparently, I need more practice lol

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I honestly don’t know any books. I learned everything I know about magic mainly from this forum. And just reading articles.

Okay, I’ll do some searching on the forum. Thanks!

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Provided that you aren’t blocking him by “lusting for results” if you are able to let go of the result and just enjoy what is around you, what offers you have now, live your life whether you take up these dudes or not, it may not be meant to be. I don’t think you have.

Also this isn’t backfiring. The spell hasn’t even had that long to work. Backfiring would be he felt your insistent pull and ended up hating you or dangerously obsessed with you.

Lol you replied to the wrong person. But…

That is a good point. But what if the spell doesn’t work and she just forgets about it and doesn’t lust for results ? That’s why I personally prefer to work with demons over spells(unless they tell me to do a spell). Because I at least know if I do exactly what they say I’ll get what I want. But that’s just me though.

I personally think if it backfired she would want him even more than she already does now. I always thought the backfiring of a spell was it doing the complete opposite.

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If I’m being honest, I’m lusting for results just a little bit. It’s hard not to when I’m unemployed and in quarantine. There’s just too much time to think and the offers are not to my liking. They just remind me of what I lack. Normally, I can distract myself easily and not have such blockages. I may just have to try again after the corona virus thing ends.

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I don’t think what you did backfired, but I do think you should give what you’ve done some space (don’t keep doing spells over and over).
Because you’re new, I’d take time to plan out your workings thoroughly for next time you decide to do a working, for love other otherwise.

Sometimes love workings need to be repeated, other times they need to be focused better.
Without divination it’s hard to know the correct course a working should take.

Another thing, when you put your energy out there randomly – making a petition and lighting a candle with no real order/structure, don’t be surprised you experience randomized results.


No, it’s the result of your own mixed up consciousness. As a general rule, such attempts to influence the mind of a seeming other should be done only with a high level of purity of focus, i.e. little to no inner conflict and a relatively clear conscience. Ultimately, you never change another: you change yourself and conditions correspond to that change.