Love spell backfired again

I saw many posts about love spells not working but for me they always backfire, at first the person is nice with me and even invite me out and … but suddenly they become cold to me, at first i thought its my problem and im turning them off but the last girl acted really weird, i analysed every word that i said in chat with her and i didnt dont anything wrong, my the problem was from her but its not the first time that this thing happens, its like a cycle, what should i do, she pmed me first, apologized for her previous behaviors and was kind and nice with me and was clearly trying to talk with me and many other things but she suddenly become cold the next day.


How about trying to attract the right mate for you rather than trying to convince someone you find attractive to also find you attractive?

Alternatively working on yourself so that you naturally attract a higher quality person would be a good way to go.

Imop most love spells are not designed to make the person actually truly feel love and I believe this is why most of them seem to go wrong, it’s not really a right fit for you and it goes against what they actually want so they react in a bad way.

If you’re in a good relationship or have good prospects, I’ve seen magic deepen relationships, repair communication and many good things.

I think the bulk of the problem is that people are making a mistake in the foundations of how romantic relationships should be.

If you want a chocolate brownies but use a yellow cake mix, why would you be surprised to get a yellow cake out of the oven?

Most of these spells would be best used for a hookup app like tinder, not for developing a deep seated rewarding lifelong relationship in my personal opinion.


Thanks, the problem is without magic i dont have a chance to talk to this person, let alone attracting her


Then what do you do about this problem?

You force her to talk to you? :rofl:

No, ask yourself why you have no chances? What is it that doesn’t rate?

Then do magic for that stuff, not love. Once you fix what is that keeps you rating on that grade, the women of that grade will take notice.

Are you shallow? Do you have a job? Do you look good enough for the role you’re applying for? Are your interest the problem? Do you need a hobby or different type of friends?


Im a normal looking guy just like most of the other guys, im not ugly and im not attractive either, im a introvert that dont know how to socialize with others and i really dont like to interacte with them, but i still have some basic human need for interacting with the opposite sex.
And no im still studying at university so i dont have a job


This sounds to me like you are fooling them up to the point they meet you then they can feel something is off, see right through the glamour, realize it was a sham.

Women much rather you be real, than some fake asshat trying to get in our pants. Chances are we already know if you want that, so if that’s all you want and put out something different we are going to write you off as not worth our time.

A guy that’s honest he only wants laid or whatever will get further with some of us than a liar and fake any day.

So sounds to me as if you need to work on yourself and aligning your vibrations with what your saying.


Socially awkward is not incurable. That would be a great place to start. Hobbies and meeting people with similar interest can help you develop the skills.

Observing people, reading about the subject can also.

Sitting in a crowded room where you aren’t noticed is a great way to notice what the guys who are getting the babes are doing.

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But i enjoy myself

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But it doesn’t sound like you like yourself, or accept yourself. It’s really hard to be accepted by others when we don’t feel we belong or we are an outsider or it’s just awkward or possibly embarrassing.

So what do we need to do to feel like we belong? Where do we get the courage to not be jittery or make the wrong comment? How do we keep others from realizing we feel this way?

By changing it. By becoming good at what’s hard for us. Imop!

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I mean i like the way that i am expect the fact that i cant attract girls

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Even part of me sometimes dont want to be with girls and wants to stay alone

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Love spell “back-fired” possibly because of a lack of self-belief, or a lack of potency.

It seems for many this occurs - the love spell is temporary, and moreover the person often becomes cold thereafter.

(And this is where some may get desperate and become obsessed; only making the situation worse than it was before. Some become angry due to such coldness, and then proceed to attempt hexing the person. And so it can turn quite ugly)


Welllll that’s problematic too! Conflicting desires cause the energy of our spells and rituals to try fulfill both of our desires.

You can’t have and not have a girl at the same time.

Well maybe friends with benefits…

But you can’t have a relationship today and tomorrow want way more space than you committed to giving the girl to begin with.

Maybe that’s the issue, maybe you’re putting out the vibe you really want it, but reality says you really need a part time relationship for this stage in your life. Maybe you just need a good female friend for now with the possibility of more as time goes on.

I think friends make for good relationships when both are equal in the feels as a friendship is a really good thing to have while being married.

I’ve been married without friendship and if you have no one who gets you not even your spouse… that’s rough.

I’d take some time clarify what you actually want. Not the type of girl or looks but what you need from them.

Is it friendship? Is it companionship? Is it Monday night game night?

Clarify then after reassessing what you actually need and want take actions to get it.


Thanks for your help and advice, i think i need to do something before it gets late, my uncle was exactly like me and he is still single at his 60s


Its companionship

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I want to find someone for future marriage

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If one wants their “magic” to be effective, then one’s word, thought, and deed must be aligned and one.

Those who are truly solid, and whose actions follow suit to their speech and views, can inflict curses and blessings with merely a thought.

What they declare is as good as done.



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There are lots of introverted females, probably with similar interests to you. Whether it is gaming or football or whatever there’s a woman just as interested as you are.

I think you’re targeting the wrong market for what you truly want.

If you’re aiming at supermodel who goes out every night, but you are a stay at home fanatic except for special occasions, you don’t have a fit.

Yes you can compromise. My husband is a social bug and I am not.

I go along fishing, to church and lots of things, but I also decline things I know will cause upset between us because I’ll get upset and he won’t have the same reaction.

It works well, but we understand we each have slightly different socialization needs and it can be hard to find two people both who are able to understand and work with the differences.


Thanks i got it, i need to find the right person then