Love spell and curse simultaneously

I’m not planning on doing this but I’m wondering what would happen if you did a love spell and curse one after the other on a specific person or 2 separate people.

I’ve read that (for example) it’s difficult to break a couple and immediately engage one of the individuals, because of the “curse” 's energies. Even when that’s not the case, we’d have a similar situation. So in practical terms it would be necessary a distance of time and to use a banishing.

there shouldn’t be a problem. the spells all have different angels and demons right? they each got their own task. That’s how i think about it. I did love spell on friend and some curse spell on her partner. And some on her for regret. weather it works or not or get in each other’s way, i don’t know as i’m not in contact. I just do it anyways and hope for the best. It’s just good practice. The more we practice the better we get. So if it don’t work. it’s ok. we get to improve our casting skills.

Did those work?

I don’t know if it works as i don’t see her for feedback. I have no contact with her. she don’t want me to reach out to her so i’m respecting her choice even though i know it’s very stupid to break up our friendship due to frivolous superficial misunderstanding.You can’t help others if they don’t want help . You can’t teach stupid if they want to stay stupid. I don’t want to be a creep and seen as crazy by contacting her even though we live in the same city. She wants to abandon me, let her be. Magick is good way to get justice and to influence people from afar. I’m a rational logical common sense guy. I don’t act on emotions. I’ll use emotions as feedback , however, i will never be reactive to it like she is. I choose to act my behavior, not react. I’m flexible and not stubborn to be beaten by one’s own ego. Flexible people have open mind. they don’t care if they are right or wrong. The main thing is to work things out to have win/ win situation. Even she can’t do that. Some people are just black and white as they haven’t have high enough spiritual soul growth. THey still too materialistic