Love spell after-match for your emotions questions

Last night I made a love spell with a jar, a candle and some seals for Dantalion, Sitri and Sallos. I felt the strongest feeling of calm and warmth i have ever felt in my life. I felt extremely strong and I knew what I wanted to achieve.

After the ritual, that night I gave him a message ( we remained friends after the break ul, considering we are in the same group of friends) and I went to sleep because i was really tired after the spell. While I was asleep, a “wake up and check your phone” came to me in a dream and I saw that he saw my message, but he didn’t respond. Until yesterday I was just practicing honey jars and usually they didn’t worked and I would became very desperate.

Last night while I was checking if he answered me, my thoughts were full with “you will get what you want”, “don’t worry”, “everything will be as you want” and I felt extremely strong. I think they were Sallos and Dantalion (their presence I felt all day and when doing the ritual as if they were telling me what they intend me to say and what to put in the jar. "I had a moment of “fuck it” and all my feelings of desperation went away.

Has anyone else gone through such a change?

I meditated this morning thinking about Sallos and I was just thinking “quiet you will get what you want”!

And since yesterday, after the spell, two of his friends are talking to me non-stop and I think they are flirting with me and they never acted like that before!

Sorry for any mistakes, english is not my main language


Please don’t forget to properly introduce yourself as I have asked you to do in your first thread. It is a rule of this forum.


Ah, I thought I introduced myself already, I made the post, I will corect it

Not correctly, you didn’t.

Yes … only after the ritual is done … for me the anxiousness comes back in a few days …

Looks like it has started working .

any updates on this?

he’s angry with me and his friends talk with me everyday. I had not expected that to happen

looks like he’s jealous about you talking to his friends. That’s a good sign I guess

Stick to your goal and enjoy what you get now. This is the effect of your spell. Maybe Dantalion is creating jealousy in his mind that’s why he is angry. Have patience! Stay calm and positive. If possible try to ask those spirits how is going everything. Give some regular treat as an offering. It would help you to create a good relationship with those spirits and manifesting your result too fast.

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He’s angry because his friends talk to you or … While all his friends are nice to u he’s the only one angry ?
How do u mean ?

I said he was angry with me because when I tried to talk to him 2 weeks ago he was very defensive and mean to me in the messages, telling me he’s busy and that ‘we can say we are still friends’ (I wanted to know if everything is ok between us because at a lecture at pur university he didn’t say hi even though he was behind me). His friends talk to me every day, but it seems to me that they are trying to flirt with me, I don’t really respond to them because I don’t want them to get the wrong impression and create drama. This guys before our break up didn’t talk with me.

Besides them, there are many guys who have started to talk with me since I did the spell.

I wanted to know if the spell would bring my ex back or what’s going on because everything it’s too strange