Love shall beg for me

I was given a spoken chant that states:

“My love magic grows with each passing day, with these words (name of ex here.) shall beg for me”

“Cilomay udensaw trebro sacoday matranta abracelidor animejungo trehon gerbandas quintoman”

Would this actually work, how would you chant this, and more importantly, would you recommended this as a love chant?

Who gave it to you?

Do you trust the source?

Random YouTube video “witch spells work” These 7 MAGIC WORDS Will Make Your EX' BEG For You! - Reconciliation Spell - YouTube

Addendum: magic Spells miracles

Then all you can do is test it out.

I’m not sure if it did anything for me, I have a high energy, stubborn ex, and I am a noob… I mean beginner in anything in the occult, so I make a poor test subject.

It probably requires repetition. Try doing it every day for a week.

I’ve tryed it sense the end of December, but I’m still learning to do chants, if I’m even properly doing it, I even chanted it to the universe in meditation, imagining each word as a ball of energy absorbed into the universe

@DarkestKnight could you find a test subject? Find some love sick puppy, maybe show him this chant and have him/her try it on their crush/ex?


Don’t forget to have them update you, or they will find themselves in the Arkham insane asylum