Love readings

I am in a good mood and i feel like doing some readings.

I will do ONLY LOVE readings regarding your specific person.
Reading exchanges will be prioritised.

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I can use one. :grin:

Been single since 2017. Dated a lot since then until a year ago and stopped as I’ve been focusing on job search and career at large.

Have someone in mind but she’s not available.

So whatever your insights, would love it.

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What sort of insights are you looking for for the girl?

Ah that sounds lovely, I am not very developed yet spiritually, so I do not have a lot of confidence in my readings. I still consult the descriptions on tarot and such…actually I dont know where the deck went it looks like.
My ex and I broke up and it was a little messy, we were so intensely in love though we were planning on marriage. I had the most vivid vision of us together as a family before we started dating though and I am certain it meant something. She currently has me blocked on everything. I am doing a lot of shadow work and healing on things I need to. Can you do a reading on when we will get back together or if I need to do anything?

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I will PM you

Hi i want to know If i will date nawel and what must i Do to ge her

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Is this still actuall? :smiley:

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I will PM you later

After the 3rd reading it is exchange only.
You are the 4th in a row. So if you can give me a reading then i am happy to give you a reading back.

Is there a path forward to get involved with her—short term or long term?!

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You need to stop thinking about the past of what went wrong between the two of you. She is the perfect woman in your eyes, you have gone through the period of recovering from the separation and you need to open your eyes and see that there was an extreme imbalance in tbe relationship.
Someone was breadcrumbing the other.

Regarding to what actions you need to take in order for you to bring her into your life is that first of all you need to focus onto the positive memories. If you are in contact with her try to remind her the good old times. This time around you should focus on honesty and be a man of your word. You will not be given more chances to prove yourself. There is also a warning to avoid any type of deception and lying. Also you need to behave in a very mature way.

The way that she views you at the moment is that she is counting her losses. She sees you as someone who is causing her suffering and she doesnt have a good image about you. She has a bitter taste from the past.

Your relationship with this woman wasnt good at the past. You are a little bit emotionally drained at the moment and she is finding it pointless. You want to transform into a king of pentacles. You want to offer her whatever she wants especially in terms of materialistic needs. And she is looking at a potential reconnection with you as a time of abundance in terms of money. However you two can have struggles. And the relationship was kinda toxic and addictive.

The toxicity between the two of you is gone at the moment because of the separation (no addictive cat and mouse games) and you could try for another chance. However spirit warns for one more time that the reconnection will cause suffering. And as a final outcome i got the moon. This is not a good sign at all. I see secrets. There could be also the presence of another man in the picture.

I strongly advise to leave the past to the past and do some shadow work before you even consider moving forward.
If you wont resolve the past issues there is no way this connection will be positive. If the issues are unworkable you will just end up with a short term connection that will only make both of you hurt.

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Could I get one? I’m wondering why I can’t find love, why it’s so hard to find a partner. Could I ask the cards for some tips or why I can attract love?

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Love it, @PriestessLayla!


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I could use one, please!

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Just a general reading about my lover and I right now

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You need some serious shadow work. You need to open up to love. You need to stop being too untraditional (hierophant rv)… be more into your emperor energy ie more into your masculine energy. Stop blocking love and find some stability in other areas in your life such as family and work.

At this point i am stopping to give more free readings. It is another 3 with exchange only.

I am really sorry. I feel drained if i do too many.
I am still new.


Thank you so much! I’ll try to work on it as best I can

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