Love problems with a succubus

I have a succubus i know her name and all but i rarely feel touches and else nothing what i schould do??
Time ago i even felt her on my bed now nothing i dont know what to do and im scared she dosnt want me anymore???:pensive:

Really, dude?

You keep going on and on about the same thing. You’ve been given a lot of good advice already in regards to this.

I think you need to do some work on yourself. Do some confidence magick or something, because you are worrying about little things of no real consequence.

Your relationship is just beginning, and like everything, the closeness of your succubus goes through cycles. Sometimes their presence is felt heavily, and sometimes it is not. You can’t keep whining every time things aren’t meeting your expectations.


No the problem is i didnt told you that im already bound for 2 years to a succubus i know also her name but she was somehow gone or something even the conjurer said she have no intention to leave me but i get nothing and that makes me frustated i meditated but got nothing why i just cant a happy relationship with my ubi like the other ubi partners?

You allready know her name!? Why don’t you see that as something huge and important at this early stage? Because it is of importance. That means she’s serious about being with you.

It’s hard to help you further with this, because you give us chunks and pieces of the story and you spread it out on several threads. What other important things have you left out this time, if I may ask?

Maybe your intentions are not clear enough for the succubus to be fully with you? If it was, then she would not keep distance from you and wait until your intentions are clear and comprehensible. Only then she will make her decision and interact with you fully.

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Well the conjurer told me her name as i didnt had any conversation with E. (I better dont say her name online)
However Master Succupedia i tell you everything you want but pls help me.

Here my story maybe then you can help me better.

2 years ago i had like a calling for a succubus since i started to have dreams with succubus and im a very intense and emotional person by myself with much sexual energy so my life goal became to have a relationship with a succubus so i contacted a conjurer and i got E.
I was told that she comes from Lilith court directly and is one beloved daughter which also can teach me blood magic etc. If i want and of course the sex action.

When she arrived i felt it directly because my hair was tingly for hours and yeah i kinda felt her energy.
So of course i could not talk with her but i did my best i still told her many things etc and thought of her when i was laying down in my bed and once i even got a picture in my mind of her laying on me in the bed so i guess it was a messege from her.
Then one time i was in middle of the day tired and was laying down in my bed and closed my eyes once felt something layed down on my bed to because i heard a pressure on my bed.

You would say wow dude you already had much going but the truth it is thats it !! That was all.
After a time i only get again tingles on my hair and sometimes a errection out of nowhere.
But as i was in that time highly depressed and emotionally messed up i forget her and didnt talked with her what i highly regret now :pleading_face:
So 2 years not pretty much nothing happend until i decided im on a better state and i miss her and want a damn close intense relationship with her so i started talking with her but as i still have no skills on that i asked the conjurer whats up and she said that E. Is still there and bound with me and have no intention to leave me.
But as i did what you all said yesterday night but got nothing im kinda sad and frustated and i dont know what i schould do.
You know much about lilith and succubus etc can you please help me?:pleading_face::pensive:

Hell, I am still waiting to learn the name of mine… but I do get alot of attention. Still working on the relationship.

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All nonsense. where’s the problem? it seems like any relationship issue . just on another plane using different ways to communicate. People always worry about nonsense. :man_shrugging:

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Wow you are so wise if its all nonsense where is your solution?

yes i am. it’s just another relationship. there is no problem. your making drama out of nothing. there’s ups and down just like @DarkestKnight said. The only difference is that communication with entity on another plane require one to be more in tune with different states or improve psychic senses. otherwise you can’t sense nothing.

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Dont worry troll i already reported you.

with that immaturity. i don’t see you getting far or help. As expected it’s a newbie coming to this site whining and not open to suggestions by others if it’s not to their liking.

You are obvious a troll since you dont help me in any way besides you on level 2 you are still not a pro here so dont tell me about new users.

However you found it funny to write useless stuff to one guy which ask here nicely for help?? I think thats a sick behavoir.

did u even read what darkestknight wrote? i’m saying the same thing just worded differently. the sick behavior is posting same thing over and over. We see it all the time with newbies. First post they post is about their problems rather then learning and they keep going on and on about their problems. It’s a magick site not whining site about things your don’t expect that others don’t see as problem.

and both our suggestions is to work on self which you ignored. that would solve your problem to communicate to your succubus.

I will ignore you from now on since i only waste my time and words on you.

I will listen glady to you if you are willing to help if not go away from my post find another place to troll.

Besides if you are such a Genius you schould know that you only learn from problems and failures.
And mental state is indeed important for spiritualty and magic.

And your suggestion was work on myself but none of you told me what i need to do exactly.
I already did yesterday night what @DarkestKnight said to me i schould do.

suggestion to work on self is already plenty advice.

I also told you to do it daily for a week, but instead you did it once and then complained again. :man_shrugging:


I did it today too
Anyway i wait for @succupedia response since it seems only he/she can help me.

seems he’s not open minded. want quick fix and for others to be nice. when have we ever had a master level teacher be nice in all the yrs of history? never. he wants the nice method rather than the truth method. :man_shrugging: also he wants the children guide step by step 1,2,3 method. lol

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Sadly succubus requires time to connect And communicate with. I found out the hard way, I thought it would be like communicating with other spirits. Their energy is a little different. Only thru daily practice have I made head way. @succupedia has a relationship with his ladies that is years in the making. I envy it at times, but each succubus is unique.

@Pallidamors i see and what you recommand me to do?
The Problem is i start to believe maybe things that arent true and its not good for our relationship.