Love problem

i have a guy who likes me but he can be a hoe he likes 2 people i alrey cursed one of them i need help knowing how to stop the 2 females from loveing chris any demons i can contact


Use the search function. Might also want to search for demons who assist with spelling and grammar…


No names please?

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Any Demon of Destruction will do

Gorka - Kill The Relationship by killing those involved

Methsan-Poison the love so it grows bitter and Sour

Keltar- Kill the 2 hoes

9 Demonic Kings - Kill the hoes in a regal, Demonic Style

Satan- Get the hoes over to you, get them to find someone else, control them and manipulate their Souls, bind them to you, get them to fuck each other and reap the sexual energy, and more fun stuff



Any being who causes love can destroy or remove it

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sounds like methsan will be frist to help me


No need to curse the other girls really, there’s a much simpler way to go about this. Focus on the object of your desire, and just as importantly, focus on your self. If you work on making yourself an excellent partner, one who excels at listening, is empathic, and generally has a strong sense of self with an enjoyable personality, there may be little need to target him directly. A little beauty glamour to top it off never hurt anyone either, though you may want to restrict the effect to (mostly) your love-interest.

If you are concerned about the competition, then you may want to fill him with such passion for you that there is no room in his mind for any other. Working on yourself as stated above will go a long way towards this, but calling upon a being such as Sallos, who can “inspire somebody to feel a love for you that causes strong desire and a determination to enact that love” would help him see your value and beauty.

I understand that you are likely eager to be with this dude, but I would advise patience above all else. The longer you are willing to wait for your result, the more quickly it will come.

(bonus tip - the archangel Haniel can make your sex super dope)


I’d suggest finding someone different. However, if you want spirit work I’ve used Suhgurim and Zahrim from the Necronomicon Spellbook with great effect. You can also use some Saturn or Mars talismanic magic. All sorts of stuff can work. The best would be to find out what within you produced this experience in the first place.


That is what i think: you cursed a girl, who maybe isn’t even aware of your existence, then, how much people you will curse for the sake of this relationship?
(It takes a lot of energy that you could be using for something else!)
And, you curse those two girls to not love him anymore, you know what will happens? he will find someone else, and you will curse this person again, and this curse shit will have no end!

Unless you find the strength to do a huge work to blind him for other girls, what means, changing his personality, what is a pretty hard stuff to do, yet, he will find a way to be attracted by someone else, if that is his true nature.

Than one day, you will curse him because he doesn’t loves you enough, or the way you dreamed…is it love?

Don’t take me wrong, i hate morals when demonic works or curses are in the game,
BUT, if the relationship with this person doesn’t makes you grow, feel stronger, loved and desired , then he is simply not for you!
He will always be a excellent object to exercise your curses skills, just saying!^^


Why doesn’t anyone else use the god of war and goddess of love for love spells? Men are from Mars and women are from Venus…


the potion is called luck of ares

But whom are from Uranus?


Assholes and shitlords…

…damnit, I’m both of those…


when the bottom bends lol

If I understand properly you are male and the victim are also male. Right? If this is true I will post here very specific but effective rite for your purposes. I am curious what will be effect on this in your environment. Otherwise you just need an egiliot.
Edit: I already told about egiliots here. You can find the post.

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i have as followed on him rn

mojo bag

boyfreind desire bag

honey jar

a poppet i pin when i punish him hehehe

soon to use love drawing powder and this potion

Gonna share? :slight_smile:

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