Love or what to do when virtue fails

Just a thought, but why isn’t there a single section dealing in love, perhaps in honour of LaVey called: Love or what to do when virtue fails .

All the erudite posts: how to get your ex back, how to break up relationships and curse rivals, why you shouldn’t go to nightclubs for the food, what herbs to burn, elixirs to ingest (damiana ), sacrifices to make and evocations to perform, books to study – but all in one convenient place, with a separate section devoted to Naamah ! There could even be Official Agony Aunt Moderators (count me out).

Maybe a good grooming section on how to find and exploit your personal style (including head wear), mimicry, why (unless you’re a smoker) you should drink tea not coffee on romantic dates, how to make your pupils dilate at will and why, plus reviews on pheromone sprays. Anyway, these are just my off-hand suggestions for your consideration.


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