Love obsession spell


I need help very much. I have tired many spells to bring my ex back but nothing is mystifying. I really need a spe ll that will work for my situation. I meat this guy and really did not want to open up to him and give my heart. He begged and told me he loved me for weeks. He would spend time with my kids and do stuff for us. He was all about being together and doing stuff as a family. We had problems because my family, my ex and his ex didnt want us together. Also there was a lot of jealous and trust issues between us but i promised him i wouldn’t leave him and he also made the same promise. Okay so two weeks ago he started acting weird distancing himself, not coming over that much anymore. I talked to him on Wednesday and asked him if he wanted to see othe people and he said no. He daid he loved me and wanted to be with me and he wanted me to be the woman he shared his life forever. I asked if he was serious about everything and he said yes. That night we end the night good with each other. The next day he texted me telling i am sorry but i can’t do this anymore and i dont want this anymore. Through a courses of days he was texting telling me he didnt want it this way but has to be this way. He had made decision. Then 3 days ago he tells me he doesn’t love me and is with someone. I was like what a big turn around. I am confused and i just want him back in my life because what we had was good but the sudden change of mind from one day to other has me dumbfounded. Please help me and tell me what i xan do to bring back to my doorstep and not want to leave again. Thank you.


This looks like you broke up a week or so ago and yet you said you used “many spells.” I think I see your problem

Its been 3 weeks. I did about 5 candles spells one after one finished. And one other spell.

Less extreme but the point still stands. You’re jumping straight from one to the next without any time for them to work. Which also shows a lack of faith and obsessing over results. Not good


So what do you recommend i should do?

Give it some time to manifest. Ditch your obsession, let it work on its own. Dont second guess your own power, it will kill it right away.


Okay. Thank you you so much.

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Pick an appropriate moon phase, and then do the spells monthly, while keeping in mind that you’re doing it to reinforce the first spell, not because the first spell didn’t work, you’re just adding to the energies you’re already moving.

And while you’re not doing magic, try not to lust for results and instead work on yourself, on personal changes and improving who you are. Try being more self-centred about stuff you want/enjoy.

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So what is a good obsession spell? Like, specific ingredients/rituals?

From personal experience (Im no expert here) i’d say to wait until it takes its charge. i strongly believe that trying to gain results is your problem. You have to have faith and let it go. Dont rush it, dont think about it.