Love/Obsession spell affecting more than just the target

I’m just looking for some guidance really and this is the best place for it :blush:
So I was asked to create and cast a spell for someone to break down the barriers between a friend and their ex and make the ex be obsessed and love my friend (always with the ex’s lol).

Anyways, since then there has been some slight contact but the final result is still on the way to manifesting, which I’m sure it will, but…

She has been getting a lot of attention from elsewhere, men practically throwing themselves at her. One is married and another even wants to become her sugar daddy :sweat_smile: I told her that this is a good sign because it’s a way to show the soell is working even though it’s still slow with said ex.

My question is, is this something that is common when casting love and obsession spells even when directed at a specific person? This is the first love/obsession work I’ve done so would like some advice from some more experienced practitioners



Yeah, it is. Remember, the universe often simplifies things to make sure you get what you want. This is a good example. It can also be a sign that going back to the ex will make things worse and she will get burned. I’ve had multiple spells that I had to revise because they would end up hurting me or others when I don’t want it to.


You can do some divination work to find out what it is specifically. I use tarot and pendulums primarily.

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Ah that makes sense, thanks :blush:

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of course! glad I could help.

I don’t know what spelled you used but if it had entities involved maybe the entities are trying to tell her (or you) that she could find another man very easily and that she doesn’t need her ex.
It could also mean that the spell is in fact working, and it’s doing it in a way that makes your friend extremely attractive and desirable so any man would want to be with her. If this is the case I’m sure her ex is already feeling attracted to her, but since he’s an ex and he probably has some bad memories about your friend, it’s taking longer for him to show he’s attracted.

Hope your friend gets him back… or not, whatever is better for her


I’ll discuss all this with her. Their break up was a nice one (as far as break ups go) they are still friends but he just isn’t wanting to be in a relationship with anyone at the moment he said :woman_shrugging:t2: I put something in place to break down the barriers to them being together so I hope for their sake he gives his head a wobble soon.

I do feel it’s working with what she has told me so far


Very interesting results ! I like it! She should be happy with the attention she is getting. Working with specific targets can be difficult but this points to good signs. This could be leading up just to opening the road to something more with the Ex but I could also see universe opening more opportunities. Either way it’s really great

Was divination would help.


Yeah I’m going to do some divination before I see her next just to possibly make things a bit clearer


Can you please share the spell?I would love to cast it on me


I wonder how great people’s ex’s are if they wanna get back together with them.

Your friend should expect the fact it’s done and look towards new love, the guy isn’t interested and she has new candidates lining up.

In my opinion your friend would be stupid if she didn’t see the signs and just accept the relationship is dead.

But whatever ex’s really got a hold on people.

You should take a look at the “how to get your ex back” thread and send it to your friend


Thank you, she asked me to burn it so she could move on from this person (yey) but I’m going to post it so I can see what others results are

A thought just crossed my mind on this.

One possibility is that the ex’s own fears of your friend getting it on with someone else is fuelling the ex’s self fulfilling prophecy to show up.

Just thinking logically here from the outside looking in, perhaps his fears have helped empower this outcome where others are now attracted to her because we know what effects fear can create.

As the ex would know it’s up to your friend what she does with her time now they are ex partners, if he has trust issues and fears then that would feed into the mix.

If your friend decides she does want him then perhaps another working on the issue of trust might help or even she could reach out to him in a way that shows her ex that he is valued by her.

can i pm you to know more about the spell?

any update on this?

So I have finally got round to typing this up here for others to try. The result my friend received were both powerful and intense so if you’re going to try it make sure you’re certain this is what you want.
This practice is best for those who have been with a specific person and already have that energetic connection.

To begin, do your usual pre-ritual exercises. I find a cleansing bath before wearing my ritual clothing or sitting naked. Meditate and visualise what you want with this person.

When you feel ready, mentally cast out a circle around you and call forth your matron/patron. I use Belial and advised my friend to do the same as she doesn’t have a set spirit, plus Belial is an all round powerhouse who can oversee and empower most workings.

To the East, call forth Orias. His role is to change the inner thoughts of your target.

To the South, call forth Sallos who can stir up affection into passionate love.

To the West, call forth Dantalion who changes thoughts and influences feelings

To the North, call forth Haures who will stir up inner turmoil of the loss of the relationship and the caster.

In the centre you should have a sigil of love, attention, need or whatever suits your cause best.( I suggested the Attention sigil from Adam Blackthorne’s Sigils of power and transformation, but your own will work just fine) Activate this sigil.

Next, take a photograph of the target, prick your finger and draw blood and rub it on their eyes, heart and mind to fill these with your essence. Then place the centre sigil over the photograph.

Place rose petals on top, this both represents love and to rose tint their perspective and thoughts.

Next mix your blood with their DNA (blood, semen, hair etc or onto one of their belongings/a piece of their belongings that isn’t too big) My friend had her ex’s toothbrush so she put it in a glass with a bit of water and stirred it with the toothbrush to extract the dna then dripped her blood into it.
Add/pour this on the middle pile containing the earlier items.

Next you need to prepare the string, sexual energy is the best to use so you can either cum on it, hold it while masturbating or place the string in your vagina (obviously have some hanging out and hold the end) then orgasm.

Bind all the items together, you can use some paper/parchment/cloth to keep it together and secure with the string.

Once completed give thanks and gratitude and place the parcel somewhere safe and forget about it. You can bury it or whatever feels best to you. Then you must consider it done and FORGET ABOUT IT!

My friend started with synchronicities and constant reminders of her ex then he began showing up wherever she was. Shopping, at bars etc and slowly began coming back into her life. It was going great until she found out something that had happened during their breakup and chose to break the spell.

To break the spell burn the parcel and it is done.

Those who choose to try it pls leave feedback here so I can review and improve if required.


What if I can’t find target’s belonging? Can I use photo