Love magick on more than one person?

I need to manipulate a group of 8 people into loving me, not necessarily being sexually or romantically attracted to me as that may bring about unwanted consequences, but I need to manipulate them into seeing me as a “prize” of sorts that they want to have in their company.

I don’t wish to go into further detail than this, but being adored by this particular group of people will then provide me with something that I need. I realize that I could skip this and just obtain what I need directly, but…

This is much more fun. :slight_smile:

I will start by calling upon Duke Sallos to incite love for me in this group, and I will also call upon Bastet for protection as I have recently begun working with her and I trust her. I may call upon Belial to lower the defences of the people I have targetted.

I will also be creating a “love jar” as a magickal item as well as a visual reminder of my goal. It will contain:

  • Salt for protection. I do not wish to harm the 8.
  • Rose petals for love, as well as a representation of myself, as my given name is a form of “Rose”.
  • Mint for friendship.
  • The fur of a friendly dog for loyalty.
  • Violas for friendship.
  • Poppies for intoxication.
  • Lavender to remove their anxiety.
  • Chamomile to keep the relationship peaceful.

I will also create a petition and seal it within the jar.

Am I missing anything?


I altered the friendship jar a bit. It contains:

  • Lapiz Lazuli, aka the Friendship Stone
  • Blue Chalcedony, for friendship and charity
  • Moonstone for love and calmness
  • Rose petals for love and as a representation of myself
  • Mint for friendship
  • Violas for friendship
  • Lavender for calmness and anxiety removal
  • Chamomile for peace and tranquillity
  • Dried oranges for creativity, energy, love
  • Cinnamon sticks for success and healing
  • Sugar for sweetness

My petition is buried in the centre of the jar. I’ve burned two white candles on top of it.


Well, it has been nearly a year:

3 of the people still act as though they hate me
1 is out of contact
2 are indifferent, they respond to me if I respond to them but do not seek me out
1 is very friendly towards me
1 is sleeping with me…