Love magick on more than one person?

I need to manipulate a group of 8 people into loving me, not necessarily being sexually or romantically attracted to me as that may bring about unwanted consequences, but I need to manipulate them into seeing me as a “prize” of sorts that they want to have in their company.

I don’t wish to go into further detail than this, but being adored by this particular group of people will then provide me with something that I need. I realize that I could skip this and just obtain what I need directly, but…

This is much more fun. :slight_smile:

I will start by calling upon Duke Sallos to incite love for me in this group, and I will also call upon Bastet for protection as I have recently begun working with her and I trust her. I may call upon Belial to lower the defences of the people I have targetted.

I will also be creating a “love jar” as a magickal item as well as a visual reminder of my goal. It will contain:

  • Salt for protection. I do not wish to harm the 8.
  • Rose petals for love, as well as a representation of myself, as my given name is a form of “Rose”.
  • Mint for friendship.
  • The fur of a friendly dog for loyalty.
  • Violas for friendship.
  • Poppies for intoxication.
  • Lavender to remove their anxiety.
  • Chamomile to keep the relationship peaceful.

I will also create a petition and seal it within the jar.

Am I missing anything?


I altered the friendship jar a bit. It contains:

  • Lapiz Lazuli, aka the Friendship Stone
  • Blue Chalcedony, for friendship and charity
  • Moonstone for love and calmness
  • Rose petals for love and as a representation of myself
  • Mint for friendship
  • Violas for friendship
  • Lavender for calmness and anxiety removal
  • Chamomile for peace and tranquillity
  • Dried oranges for creativity, energy, love
  • Cinnamon sticks for success and healing
  • Sugar for sweetness

My petition is buried in the centre of the jar. I’ve burned two white candles on top of it.


Well, it has been nearly a year:

3 of the people still act as though they hate me
1 is out of contact
2 are indifferent, they respond to me if I respond to them but do not seek me out
1 is very friendly towards me
1 is sleeping with me…


Priceless :rofl:


Since this comment was made, I moved the jar into a new home that doesn’t have such negative energy attached to it. I haven’t done anything else, but the dynamics have somewhat improved.

I am going to give the people each a nickname so that I can identify them better.

Kenaz is still out of contact. They are a very private individual, so I am not taking this as a sign that they don’t think about me, but rather that they are keeping to themself at the moment.
Raidho responded positively to several jokes and comments I made on voice chat with them, Wunaz, Laguz, Algiz and Dagaz. Algiz and Dagaz were also friendly towards me. Laguz ignored me.
Laguz told Wunaz that they look at my social media.
Isa told Wunza that they miss me, but they have not spoken to me.
Algiz now “likes” my posts on social media.
Dagaz sometimes responds to me if I speak to them, but does not seek me out. I added them on social media. They did not add me back.
Ansuz is still very friendly with me.
I am still sleeping with Wunza. Wunza is also sleeping with Ansuz.
(Ansuz and I are not planning to sleep together. Hahaha.)

So overall, slightly improved.