Love letter to my succubus

My dear succubus,

I want to apologize to you.

I’ve come to the realization, that many times, I’ve done not well or not my best to you and others of your kind. Though, I would like to apologize too, to all other succubae who visited me and have done them wrong, ignored them or send them away at times, this letter is directed towards you, my current succubus lover.

You’ve been staying with me, even though, as you must know, I’ve been not always a good companion to those before you, and you could have expected to be treated in ways similar - which I don’t need to go in deeper detail. You know what I mean. Yet you’ve stayed with me. And you know, how difficult it is to expose myself like this. I hope, you see this as a sign, that my apology is sincere and I’ll try to improve my gratitude towards you, my dedication and commitment, as also treat you more of an equal all times. Most of all, the attention I’m giving you however, more close to that which I’ve given to my human partners before.

I know you are reading this while I’m writing this. You always seem to do. And to prove, that these aren’t just some empty or easy words, I’m now writing and posting this here - if you felt me before, you probably felt, that at first I was going to postpone it for another day. As usually I do… but I think, maybe something has changed in recent time, and you can depend more on me now too, as I can depend on you.

You’ve been always very patient with me. Even, when I ignored you for a time. You’ve been immediately there, the next time I asked for you. I’m sorry for how you must have felt during such times. Please know, I’m not taking you for granted. And I thank you, that you’ve stayed with me. Rarely, ever asking anything from me.

(all the rest I’ll tell you personally)

Love you, my lover

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