Love isn't fun

Well I got my heart broken and it hurts a lot, so I sat down and started writing from the heart. The poem is pretty self-explanatory. This love game isn’t fun at all. Hope y’all enjoy. Thanks in advance for reading.

No matter what people say a broken heart is the worst hurt
Something I never would wish upon my enemy, not even my worst
When the pain takes over, chokes you and you’re at a loss for words
But you don’t want to let the tears fall, so you fight it until it burns.

You go questioning reality and start thinking irrationally
When the war of love has been lost, but you’re still out there battling
In the hopes that some kind of miracle could arise
When truly you rather live in the made up world, protected from lies

Maybe love is only for a selected few
That fulfillment you desperately desire just isn’t for you
So with no other choices loneliness becomes your lover
Because the heart you once had is now buried six feet under

Start thinking that maybe this isn’t all too bad
Yet you see them again and all those emotions come back
That temporary happiness quickly turns black
In knowing that your first true love ended up being your last.


I don’t know, not everybody has to deal with it, as not everybody is romantically oriented… I’m not, and I’m not alone in that tho I know I’m a rare beastie.
But a lot of the daemonic don’t have the same attachments and fear of loss that humans do - they’re on the other side and know we’ll be going home soon enough. A human lifetime with all it’s dualism and separation is very short. We keep projecting human emotions on them, but humans will project emotion on any object, football named Wilson… annoying oranges… it’s a thing we do.

I think it’s worth stepping back and remembering that although it feels permanent, this too shall pass.


Hang in there Ajc1; you’re so right, love isn’t fun. Love IS good for a small minority of the population, but I’ve come to the conclusion that for those of us who are the priestesses, the magicians, the healers, those in our spiritual path—love is not fun for most.
I learned a long time ago NOT to ever fall in love because for me, love is my Kryptonite!
Let me tell you Ajc1, since I changed my attitude about love and relationships, I’ve never been happier. The love one gets from humans can be fleeting, immature, insincere; my most loving and soul fulfilling relationships have been with Orishas, spirits, and now a demon King.
That being said, sex isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Sex with a person who doesn’t care can be the loneliest thing in the world; plus, if that person’s auric field is dirty and fcked up, you can end up taking that on and polluting your own aura.
The old saying is true: The more and harder one looks for love, the more love alludes and runs away.
My advice to you, from one whose heart was broken many times: Realize that there’s not another human being that’s going to ‘complete’ you. The goal is to COMPLETE yourself, by yourself.
I know you’re hurting now, but in time it will go away, take this as a lesson learned. And never, ever go back to someone who’s hurt you.


@SoliMar :clap:t2: :clap:t2: You are spot on! It seems like either way a person is royally fucked: love and get hurt or not love and die a little inside. BUT you have to take the learning and be great full and keep moving forward.

Nothing is guaranteed. And being spiritually inclined and gifted makes it trickier I think. Definitely don’t align yourself with someone operating on a lower vibration than yourself, or you’ll pay for it.

It’s funny you mentioned the sex thing because I was thinking of adding that to one of my lessons. You’ll catch more gunk spiritually you can’t get rid of then anything you can get a script for! :joy: It’s SO true!

Don’t throw in the towel just yet though. When you don’t expect it you just may find someone who feeds your spirit and doesn’t drain you. Trust me on this.


Even after my recent breakup, I still believe in love. I just honestly think humans forgot how to love along the way.


Well, my succubus isn’t going to give me an STI, my succubus actually does give a shit about me, and she’s not going to run off in order to find somebody with more money, because she cares nothing for cash. Plus, as an added bonus, that chick can freaking dance. And I know nothing about dancing.

Only downside is that it’s very hard to introduce a spiritual being to somebody that’s blind to this paranormal.


I think relationships of mutual love, respect and dedication with other humans are totally possible for everyone, it just isn’t that easy to find the right person


True, but even astral sex can leave you with spirit nasties that eat at you. I don’t mean your succubus or the demonic hierarchy. My experience is that a lot of healing or ascension takes place during this sort of thing.

But if someone is ugly inside or has no sense to rise and clean their spirit self then you’ll be soaking that shit in like a sponge :face_vomiting:.


I agree with that 100%. I’d bet you’re more empathic than most also and tend to be drawn to people that are hurt? If so , I can relate. Try to keep it at the forefront of your mind that you can meet someone at their level in order to connect with them but if they don’t rise you must leave. Don’t zero in on the good in a person but view the spirit as whole. It changes your perception quite a bit.

And when you raise your vibe and allow yourself to fully accept what you desire you’ll be surprised. You’ll attract what’s on your own level and be able to spot what doesn’t belong.

Good luck and don’t give up :heart:


How can I complete myself?

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I’d also like to hear what others have to say about that

P.S.: Maybe Astarte could help people feeling complete with themselves, since she is a goddess of love, I guess she could also teach how to be happy even without a human partner

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@Ajc1 A poem for U Buddy

Don’t love a chick, or even a dude
Doesn’t matter if U R in a really Sad mood
Just get a dog, will love u back even if U R screwed
Remember the name ‘Son Goku’, and my advice is fucking good.


Don’t let a bad experience keep you from finding what you’re looking for. The longer you carry that the more you give your power over. Your heart is precious, are you really going to let someone rob you of what’s to come? You’ll miss something great and regret it later. Let it go and don’t break your stride, you got this :heart:


what if one has some kind of shield ? will it protect form soaking in the nasty spirits?


They help but sex is an act of giving and receiving. It’s like a circle that should be balanced. So when you let go and open yourself you can’t possibly filter any gunk because it would distract you. So when you’re vibrating higher and giving off powerful energy you’re literally feeding them and being drained and then filled with garbage.

A lot of LHP don’t think this sort of thing is real or that it’s a fear used to control people but that’s not true. Everything is energy and once you really know how powerful your energy and essence is, you’ll be a lot more selective who you get down with.


Lol, where will I get saintly woman 2 fuck. WIll be a problem for sure

What U said about energy exchange is 300% true. Had some bad experience with it till someone who knows the stuff pointed it out.


It’s not necessarily saintly. You can find a straight laced Christian or a satan worshipper that’s a virgin. What’s going on INSIDE of that person? Who are they really? Feel them. How do they make you feel? How do they treat others? That sort of thing. People will tell you anything and most of the time they even believe it. But energy doesn’t lie.


yea, experienced 2 types of gunk bearer -

1- who r outright malicious and gunks in a way help/work for them , make them strong in their acts .

2- who r of nice nature, good people but is so full of shitty entities that not only make their life hell but make them almost non-functional .

the best 1 can do is kill the 1st type and give some cleansing method ( if interested ) 2 the 2nd type.

In my experience almost always in a relationship, one will be the supplier of higher vibrational energy and the other will be the vampire, feeding on it and giving gunks in return.

May be the law of balance is working here.


It’s true. It goes even further there’s so much to this if you really look into it. For example how alcohol makes people more likely to make bad decisions in bed. How it’s referred to as “ spirits.” It’s not Christian propaganda, there are truths to it.

Any spiritual nasty or feeder is out to get fed or weaken those that are spiritually sound. We see it when we go through a low point right before a breakthrough. Most times I don’t think people are aware of what they’re carrying but it doesn’t matter.

Liberation has little to do with sleeping with whomever we choose when we’re bound to them spiritually and carry their negative funk with us. A person who values themselves and the work they’ve put in and invested in themselves will be more discreet. None of this spirit cleaning, demon calling, vibration raising is easy.


How can you complete yourself? Work with the spirits!

You don’t need another human to complete you. That’s co-dependence. Anathema for a deity or deity-to-be.