Love-hate relationship with demons

Do you have a love hate relationship with demons or whatever spirit(s) you work with? If so, how did it affect your relationship(s)?

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I stopped talking to Lucifer :unamused: I got a calling from him so I summoned him asking for help with an issue I was feeling like I was being guided towards it but it didn’t work in the end and I got pissed off :rage: I did call him again few days back but was straight forward and formal ! :joy:

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Lucifer strongly encouraged me to do something, which I did and it met with a whole heap of drama from the the start, however I persisted with it no matter what came up. Lucifer had guided me on a certain path and as far as I was concerned, that was enough. My hair started falling out in chunks as what was coming up was so stressful! Somewhere along the line I had spontaneously channelled a picture of Lucifer as a boy, following my inner guidance, however this was stalled because someone else had an issue with me painting a picture of Lucifer, which I had somehow taken on. No matter I still have the picture. The other day I set up my new temple and the first item that went in was my Lucifer lamp. After the lamp was turned on I went into a spontaneous deep meditation, really deep which is what I have been craving lately. My hair has since stopped falling out and the painting is in my new studio ready to be continued. If I hadn’t followed Lucifer’s guidance from the start, I wouldn’t be here now in this amazing house, complete with temple, studio, gym and the knowledge that I have to follow the guidance I receive no matter how challenging it may be to carry out. It would be so easy to get pissed off when things don’t appear to be going the way you think they should, or if your interpretation of what is shared isn’t what the demon or spirit meant, however that won’t facilitate Ascent.


No, never. I’m ok with everyone out there. Even with the capricious ones, too.

I can handle the situations (or at least I was able to do it so far) well, and I’m about to understand everything what’s going on around me and why. Tantrums are far from me, and I’m not that touchy little girl.

No, I’m not nodding for everything what They said, I have my own thoughts and viewpoints, but this is not means that our relationship have to became a love-hate relationship.

I love Them all, and vica versa. We can be a romantic, tender or wild and horny lovers. We care of our deep and honest friendship, but in the same time we can be like disciple and mentor in a really stern way. Everything have the right time and place, and form.

They have never disappoint me, and even if it would happens,
my first thought would be that I should find out why, or what happened.


I can agree with you, absolutely. :white_check_mark:

I’ve experienved exactly this in every Deities’ or/and entities’ case, even with the malevolent ones.

You’ll get what you give.

To me, this was a very basic thing, with everyone - whoever is that person. But I saw several problems in a lot of “Deity & person” relationship.

For example - some people sees these Deities/Demons as a slave. They’re summons Them, and demands from Them: giving help, problem solving or million dollars, luxury bitches etc. Then they were surprised if they won’t get anything more than an advice, or absolutely nothing (or get mocked by Them).
And what happens after this? - They start posting about they need an another, “better” god who will serve them. In lot of cases is clearly visible that they have no respect towards these Spirits and no sign of any kind of wish for self-development, they just want what they need and goodbye.

The big ““problem”” in these relationships (no, these are not, and I’m terrible happy that this is possible to Them) that:
You can not lie to Them.
You can not act before Them.

They know exactly what you think. What you want. What you feel.
And besides that, some people because of their ego simply don’t accept what they get, they don’t want to understand it, they try to lie not just to these Deities, but themselves and woala, the fight has begun.

Of course, these kind of peoples will have a wild ride with Spirits (and every spirits/Deities/entities are different), uncomfortable to them, but never meaningless.

Personally, I’m about to learn from everything - because I can, and it is always better than act like a little kid, or a a raging volcano. You can see chances, opportunities everywhere.

And what about my relationship with Them?

I wish to know Them better.
Wish to understand Them, and feels everything what They want to share with me (until it is comfortable to Them), no matter if it is painful or pleasant. I’ve enjoy to listening Them and spending my free time with Them (it is way better to me than spending it with other people - I’m very selective about this, so I have my inner circle) in every way you can imagine.
They can teach me things, and give me advices, help me in my evolution BUT … I want Them too feel that They can count on me as well. I’m here to Them, if They need something, whatever it is (and this is not only about “offerings”, anyway).

I just came down on the physycal plane, but They’re still my Family, my Relatives and my love towards Them is immortal and pure.


Who the hell thinks of thees beings as slaves? Even if we did create some of them that does not give people the right to treat them like crap. Do you want to work for someone who undervalues you?


I don’t general work with other spirits. If I do its all business sorta of thing, get in and get out.

Are you claiming that my using a group of major demons to bind a major demon to an arrangement, to be something that I will regret according to the bound demon, might go badly for me? Because this was such an indecent thing to do, I had to go there, just ask Satan as one of the demons used for the binding what I bound a certain demon to.


Wow, thank you sharing :blush::+1:t2:

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No. Do as you please. Your bussiness, I’ve got no line of sight to your things, and you got no to mine with with Kings and Princes (only) in the same time. Everyone has their OWN journal, and they decide about what they’ll do. Others’ opinions are others’ opinions. You can handle them as you want, for your responsibility. You have to know better your experiences, your past and present and everything else about you. What are good for you, and what are not - it is all yours, and I did not interested in.

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I used to have that with Azazel. That however has changed to become a very solid och-working relationship. In that case it was very strenious and I felt forced to do everything he told me, I have a problem with authority. However I soon realized the order he gave was for my own good and eventually I came to respect him, his knowledge and power, when they proved to ve working really well.