Love for the Ugly

Can one use a love spell to get someone to love them and lust after them even if he/she is ugly?

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Sure! The working will make you attractive in their eyes, but you need to work on your self confidence, too! A confident, ugly guy/girl with a great personality has a much better chance than someone who thinks of themselves as unattractive


I will share with you what I have contemplated. I’m not the most handsome or charming. I sometimes regard myself as a goblin. Originally in was a gargoyle. I use to think that “People should only care about whats on the inside. Not the outside.” In the recent two years, I’ve challenged that way of thinking. If I expect a woman to be into me for who I am, can I deliver on the same? The realistic answer, no. I take an interest in girls purely by the way they look. Possibly its because I don’t get the chance to get to know a girl well enough to like her for who she is. Or possibly I’m just as shallow as they are. However, I’m not picky and actually prefer normal girls to celebrities. So I at least have that. What I’m saying is is that if you can’t love/lust after someone who’s ugly, you shouldn’t expect someone to do the same.


I’m fortunate enough to be good looking (Eurasian here) born in Aus. I’m not some cocky bastard, but I receive compliments and platitudes consistently, and brush them off just as quickly. I don’t use spells of such on myself but I do carry Rose Quartz and do periodic praise for our Goddess Venus. You can really invoke her planetary power on Wednesday or Friday afternoons and you chuck in 221.23 Hz which is the frequency emitted from Venus. Find it on YouTube. Work your magick.

I’m humble and love seeing the beauty and aesthetics in others. I love seeing the range of style and intricacy to the character and looks of a person. It extends further than looks, beauty is within and it must be solidified with grace, and fairness. I see into people’s eyes and that to me is a very beautiful thing.

So for you to say ugly, they’d really need to have poor genetics passed along or generally unattractive traits (facially or bodily). Which of course is ashame that mental illness is widely prevalent and people are tackling psycho-somatic issues that it literally wears them down as a being. People should be comfortable with who they are and if they aren’t they’ll need to make changes.

At the end of the day, we’re all humans and we’ll judge judge judge and categorise people. We have preferences and standards so someone might find you really attractive while someone else, not really.

The problem is today we have this high regard for superficiality and everyone is tackling themselves to not be who they are comfortably. You are you.

What I’m getting at here is, to really evolve your LHP…requires self acceptance. That shit will take you to extensive heights. But it starts with that first. When people jump to LHP due to lack of self acceptance and self esteem… these people end up asking more questions about why it isn’t going right than making discoveries…


Yes, but not the way you think you can. You do this by altering the self-concept of the so-called “ugly” one into one in which they fully accept that they are as beautiful and ugly ( :slight_smile: you must accept both poles :slight_smile: ) as anyone else. You can also take the so-called “beautiful” one down, and maybe you should because people tend put others a pedestal a bit too much, a few notches in the consciousness of the “ugly” one.

Beauty and ugliness are perceptions that seem natural, i.e. driven by some definite rule of the Universe, but they are literally only structures of consciousness. You can easily swap them once you know who you are.

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In such a case, you’d always start with illusion and glamour magick,
making the appearance shift to beautiful,
even if the real person keeps ugly,
the senses of the target can be tricked quite a bit.

A little bit like those old ugly witches in Hollywood fairy tales.

also cast a mind-dillusion on the Target,
to make him blind towards all evidence of it being a bad idea to go for it.

you’re destroying the person you’re making fall for the ugly one,
as you also destroy their social status along with it.

what type of person you want to curse that way?




Insightful answer as always! You truly are one skilled magician.

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