Love energy

Hi everyone!

I was just wondering… some of us want to attract love in our lives.
we meditate and do all the stuff me know…
but we call on entities to help us sometimes, so why don’t we just call on the energy of love to fill our energetic bodys to attract a person to love?

i mean of course if it were so easy…right?


Some people seem to do this naturally, just as some attract wealth and opportunities with ease, but those things can be learned and done consciously, so why not this? :thinking:


dunno… maybe because self love has to be here first?


Can also be learned. :+1:

Actually some of the most self-respecting and successful women I’ve known in life had terrible luck in love, while many fuckups had no trouble getting devoted partners.

I think men look for a willingness to give love, and a certain incompleteness, to know they feel needed. it may sound weird, but no more so than any compassion women show, being needed is a pretty fundamental human need in itself.

I was watching a reality show about a woman who can only eat potatoes with cheese (I think it was that) on them, her husband was pretty hot and evidently totally devoted, the comments were all about that on the video… then there’s the famous documentary about feeders, some of those guys are just sick but even the sickoes are trying to get someone who needs them.

(Then there’s the “too needy” thing…)

Gah, I don’t know, anyway seems like spells to draw the RIGHT person for you and to ask to radiate what they find most attractive, that or hit the tater tots, and pray! :rofl:


Do you ever notice how when you’re with someone and it’s all butterflies that you seem to draw more people to you? That’s the feeling you want to evoke. People become a magnet to it.

As for needy, I’ll agree that alot if not most men want someone that need a them for various reasons. The ones who don’t tend to need you to take care of them.


soooo true !!! but at the same time they don’t want to be seen as weak and when you try to help them they act as if you cross the confort zone…


when you are taken, you are a magnet!.. but when you are searching… you don’t see anyone… or you attract sickoes


Girl I heard THAT :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::joy:


Amen sister ! I felt this on a spiritual level LOL :laughing:


As a man and what I have heard from most men. Looks, taking care of health and fitness, most men do not care about fashion. A good looking woman could wear a potatoe sack for all they care. Curves, when they say men do not like curves that is silly, what is meant is overweight women, men do not like that generally. Feminine , being soft somewhat passive to a degree, that means needing her man and letting him take the lead, men do not like the whole I am independent and do not need a man. Men like sex, that does not mean they do not like love, but yes sex comes first and if the women are to prudish they might look elsewhere. Men do not care as much about income or status, its just mostly is she sweet, supportive, feminine and in good shape. Or to put it another way, keep his stomach full and his balls empty.


I can promise you I’ve been and done all that with the same result . I’m ridiculously old fashioned yet living in the world I am. So no, I don’t NEED anyone but I never use that as a dagger. It’s just taking care of yourself.

I’m not saying all men are bad, I’m just saying the good ones are rare. Even more so as you get older.


chiiild!!! i am reading very carefully and copy pasting! i already knew thought but that’s clearer this way!



At neat trick for harnessing specific energies that I learned is by using the power of letters and water. Its very simple and extremely affective, perhaps you already know about it. Dr. Masaru Emoto did a lot of research on the inner structure of water and how it can be manipulated by ones own emotions.

He did many studies that by writing a specific statement on the bottle of water, then freezing the water after, would change the way the water froze. When he would write something sweet and kind on the bottle, the waters molecular structure would freeze and be symmetrical cubes and shapes, placed together neatly. But when he would write something such as “I hate you and want to kill you”, the water would freeze and be unorganized, random shapes, pointy and not symmetrical at all.

As scripture is powerful like im our statements of intent those same words hold specific vibrations in them. Preferably using a glass bottle, fill it with drinkable water and write what you want on the side with a black marker.

If you want love energy write something like… “I love you” or “I love myself” (im not good at coming up with good statements on the first try bc my latin families not linear way of speaking sometimes hinders my effectiveness)… or a statement you feel will create the energy that you want. Let it sit for 24 hours then drink it. Because we are majority made up of liquid, that energy will literally become a part of you.


LOL I dunno about that, man…

Back in the day I used to be a bigger girl and I NEVER had a problem with guys…

Fast forward to today when I’ve dropped a good 40lbs and look waaaay better and… nada. Sure, when I’m at the club, men will basically leer at me and give me a good eye-fucking but I don’t actually get approached anywhere as much as I used to, and now when I do it’s always the fuckboy type.

I put it down to the fact that back when I was a bigger girl (size UK 14; I’m a UK 8/10 now) it was because I had bigger boobs (which I miss terribly), but upon speaking with a number of guy friends they told me that it wasn’t actually the missing boobs, but it was because back when I was bigger, I would have been perceived as an ‘easy target’ because (and I quote) ‘bigger girls tend to have lower self-esteem so they are more likely to put out because they are just happy for whatever attention they get from guys…’


Oh and that ‘feeder’ thing is TRUE!! My ex did that to me so I would get fat (and therefore ugly) in the hopes that it would keep other men from hitting on me…

Thank goodness he’s an ex.

Nowadays I’m in a better place since I’ve decided to stay single and enjoy my life. Self love is where it’s at. I cannot emphasize enough at how much better my life has improved since the day I vowed to turn all that love and devotion inwards to myself instead of wasting all that energy on some guy who probably won’t appreciate it anyway. One thing I’ve learned from it is that NOBODY will ever love me like I love me. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I do. I use it as a dagger, sword, shield, armor…

Helps keep the fuckboys away :slight_smile:


I’m guilty of using it in the past and if someone makes me feel like I wouldn’t survive without them i bring it out. I’m just not going to sell myself to the highest bidder - everything I have, I did on my own. So I guess that takes an even bigger man to let me be independent and sure footed and still make me feel like I can be vulnerable with him.


you are so right! i forgot about that!
it is the same as drawing a sigil for a purpose with eatable ink, charge the sigil, then put it in the water for the ink to melt and then drink it! bro’! you made my day!

i’ll make a bottle such as " i’m the most perfect woman you ever met ":rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Lmao dope. I like that one. :sunglasses:

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Plus I find that the more I ascend, it’s like I ascend away from the general population, and with the heightened senses and awareness and ability to see through bullshit makes flirting hard because I see RIGHT through their ‘game’ which leaves me… unimpressed…

Would definitely take someone REALLY special to get through to me


Yep! I’m unimpressed to begin with. I’m just not the type of girl to like a guy to come up and expect I want conversation. Idk why I let myself trip on things though. I’m too much for the average dude, period. And I’m not going to dumb myself down for the sake of company. Probably best to focus on ascension and my spirit love.



To all of it but especially this

I’m sure it will work out well for you :blush: