Love demon and lust demon together

Hey everyone I worked with sallos for a girl to fall in love with me completely i can see some results I was wondering if I can use some lust demon like sitri now or any other lust demon ??
My another question is how we know that any two demons can work together and won’t hinder eachother or my work,is there any book that shows relationship between demons,which demon can work together peacefully or which demon hate eachother thanx a lot

Honestly, you could just invoke both of them at the same time. It shouldn’t be much of a problem as long as you communicate your intentions thoroughly and have it confirmed by both parties. That way there’s no misinterpretations there.

I use ritual where we write petition and burn it from demon of magick book ,I dun know evocation where demons talks to us or msg us in mind or in dreams.i can’t reach that deep state of mind where we get direct answers from demon.

It doesn’t necessarily matter. What really matters is that you have favourable consciousness, i.e. balanced, positive, slightly optimistic, towards the demons. There are is no conflict unless you believe there is.