Love curse instead of Death curse

I just got this really freakish thought… I have been mentally cursing and trying to rid my life of certain folks. I bought a box of Chicken Feet this is how intent I am. I have graveyard dirt of a doublehung murderer… and I have been feeding him monthly.

I am curious… Can I cause a person to love a beast? Like seriously freaking fall in love with a Donkey. I just got this odd thought that if someone were to find out how she hangs below a donkey… Oh, there goes the reputation, the business and so much more… That and no one would want to touch that.

That would be so funny… I mean unholy love going on there…


Id feel bad for the donkey. Id rather make them love a narcissistic, abusive, cheating pathological liar. It’s not fun, trust me


i can vouch for that ruining a time of your life. Im still being affected.

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crazy isnt it.


Same. It’s made me ridiculously difficult to love. Funny how that works.


It is utter bullshit, if Im quite honest. At least you and others here have helped me regain some semblance of control over my life.


Love and trust for me…Ive even shut off my emotions to a point. It is how I have coped and carried on for years. When you are deployed and losing you mind, you are told to get your shit straight or go home. I got my shit straight in a matter of hours after a day of finding out I was cheated on.

Since then, I’ve never really had time to process it all or, rather, I do not let myself. I keep going because that is what I have to do. No sense in lying around feeling regretful for a choice you made. Dust yourself off and keep the fuck going.


Well you have to be careful completely shutting down. I did that for five years and it got me through but i was dying inside little by little. I was made for love and killing myself letting it drown me. The damage is still there though, I’m super difficult and require ALOT of love and attention and am a jealous lover. But you have to maybe expect the worst and still hope for the best .

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You survived, you’re still here and that says alot.


That is unfortunate that you had to experience such shit. I am a huge romantic to the core so I can completely understand what you mean about denying a part of yourself existing. However, it did set me on the path to self improvement and and almost a decade later it led me here…so silver lining and all.


As are you. Some people are strong or just too stubborn to throw in the towel. I would like to say Im a little of column A, a little of column B.

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I saged the hell out of myself last night too because I sense shenanigans again. I have to be more tenacious it seems…

So yes, back to your original question, emotional abuse is far more difficult to reconcile at times. Lead them to someone that would ruin their world unexpectedly. This will throw them into such turmoil that it will be remembered. Perhaps even never forgotten.

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Ok so in my travels this morning I happened upon a small stuffed donkey… I purchased it since - for 11 cents. 11 happens to her #.

I don’t trust very many people these days, especially women. I’m not perfect, but one or two were just bags of trouble.

Agree. But then you have some amazing ones like me and the ones on here.

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I mean look at @Eye_of_Ra I think most of us would hid a body for her.



False we would all stand around the Bleeper and Stab not Strangle. its more fun then hid the body .

Awww… puts @damia2hell’s number on speed dial :joy::smiling_imp:

Thank you :slight_smile::heart::sparkling_heart:

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