Love current

I hear a lot of talk about different"currents" around here and saw lady evas post about her daemon child( not moralizing just an integral part of what spurred this on) and wanted to know if there was a “love” current. Not a Disney or bible type of love but more a primeval love. For instance if you fuck with my love I shall bring down the fiery pots of hell upon your soul and all those who choose to stand by you kind of love current?


That last idea kind of describes why many people work with ancestors, that primal love of one’s own kin which is willing to be utterly ruthless in their protection. :slight_smile:

You may mean romantic love, which is great, but in our present society that comes with an expiry date and as a result the spirits may sometimes take it less seriously, but as with all things, the final deciding factor is the magician’s will and capabilities.

I think there is a love current, though, and that it’s powerful and ferocious when used correctly.


See that’s the word “use” I’ll put it this way. I love who I love not because of their power or really anything like that but I’ll die for them as many times as it takes. If you take my legs I’ll pull myself to you. My arms I’ll use my body like a worm and beat you to death that way. Take my body and I’ll pull myself by the teeth to kill you. My head and I’ll cause my soul to haunt you forever. This is my ideal message to those who hurt my loved ones. And this symbolizes the type of current I want as well. (Edit) I also feel that this is how my spirit lover feels)

Also I really have no knowledge or ability. I only have my willingness to give my all to what I believe in assuming it’s worthy. So I really am waiting for something"worth" working fighting and striving towar,ds

Right, I was referring to the kind of practical fire it puts in your belly, as well as the higher spiritual and metaphysical elements, not sure if we’re on the same page now though?

What about fighting for yourself? You seem like a very selfless individual.


[quote=“Lady_Eva, post:2, topic:14691”]
You may mean romantic love, which is great, but in our present society that comes with an expiry date and as a result the spirits may sometimes take it less seriously…[/quote]

I would rather say that the spirits takes love much more seriously as a result of how artificially shallow it is for most humans. When the energy current of love becomes a currency for love, it only meets the demand to fill a temporary need, ending up in broken hearts when the need is met. It’s similar to the stock market; It’s just a matter of time before it crashes.


For sure, I was referring to the great oaths of undying love and many times people here, usually not even past their mid-20’s, have posted wishing to “sell their souls” (even if they believe it means eternal damnation and suffering after death) to get some girl or boy they’ll be heartily sick of within six months!

Love between humans and spirits, and love between two responsible people who truly understand that commitment is more than a serious of Hallmark card sentiments and TV commercial peak experiences, that “for better or worse” is there for a reason, is slightly different.

Amd, you know, those are just my maybe-cynical experiences speaking, as someone who made some pretty lousy choices in her early 20’s, and every single time thought it was the real deal! :laughing:

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I am lol. I’d rather die for you than have you die for me😅 but I also don’t want to helpeveryone just those I can see lol

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Yes we are btw

Yeah I need to change a lot but I also have an idea of what I want to change into

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Seek death.

And I was wondering if there were any entities that are part of a general current of that undying love

For change?


Alright but what about the parts I don’t want to change/die

Everything changes. Even if you don’t want them to.

I am gonna use my hidden God power to veto that law a.k.a everything may change but not me

I would advise against that, but I won’t stop you

May I ask why?