Love charms

Some of the love charms I know from various Javanese Witchcraft books and blogs which I would love to share. Hopefully some of you will find them useful. This kind of charms is known as Arabic Talisman but it is quite common in Southeast Asia witchcraft practices.

1. Anti cheating charm.

If you are worrying about your lover is sleeping with someone else, then write this charm on a clear white [email protected] before insert it by secretly into your lover handbag, pocket, wallet, etc. As long your lover carries the charm, he or she wouldn’t be cheating on you.

2. To make a person fall in love with you.

2.1 Have the following words written on 7 leaves and then you burn them one by one. If your target is a man, simply change the word بنت into بن

2.2 Here is another one you can try, Write this charm on a white cloth or handkerchief anytime on Thursday. Tie the charm on your right wrist or keep it inside your right pocket whenever you go seeing your target.

3. To calm down the girls…

Maybe you are a player type who are into multiple relationship or into polygamy stuff, and you don’t want your girls fight each other out of jealousy. So you may gonna like this charm. Simply write the words on white paper and keep it under the bed where your women sleep.


Note : It is recommended to write the charm after you take shower(in clean condition). You may put few drops of saffron, musk or any other fragrance oil to the charm.

Credits goes to :
Wong Alus, Kibayu Sejati and Abah Rahman.


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