Love binding spell

Gotcha. Will do. Thank you.

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I used a deer ball sack with his hair and other stuff- it hardened and I have it in a secret location…

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Where the hell did you acquire a deer ball sack :rofl::rofl:

I cut it off the deer, dear. We had a tag for one and well filled the tag and I say a perfect mojo bag… Deer seem to be noble animals and I felt that I personally needed to cut the bag and toss the nuts…

I use deer tongue in love spells, but I buy it grounded into a powder. But the ball sack, thats great. And the spell worked?

when I need to add more… or remind him I carry his sack around with me. I based mine off of

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I watched alot of her videos… I did alot of her spells.

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Ill check her out. Just subscribed

Its Hoodoo ish I think.

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A deer ball sack?

:rofl: :rofl:

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Some latin women will say “you have to grab your man by the Cojones to get them to mind mija.”