Love Binding Ritual with Lilith

Hello. I had a question regarding a “love binding ritual” that I had done on my behalf, evoking Lilith, by someone with extensive experience. I have used this individual before to perform rituals with Lilith on my behalf, with quick and amazing results. The love binding ritual was done on my ex boyfriend. It’s been 7 weeks and one day, since it was cast. Since there have been absolutely no changes or indications of results so far, not even one text from my ex, I moved on, so to speak, and randomly had casual sex with a friend who I’m not really that close to. A few days ago I found out that I am pregnant with his child. As a result, I no longer want my ex at all,
( the target of the love binding ritual with Lilith, cast 7 weeks ago).

Am I correct in assuming that this means the ritual will not manifest, and there will never be results? Meaning that I will never see or hear from my ex, although a love binding ritual was cast with the help of Lilith, binding my ex boyfriend and I together?
What I’m trying to figure out is since I no longer want the “target”, that means it’s as though the love binding done through Lilith never even happened, correct?
Every online spellcaster who evokes demons for black magic spells has told me that the only way that I’ll get results is through what is basically none other than “The law of attraction.” I have to stay patient, positive, happy, busy, content, and not be depressed or miss my ex, etc. But now I honestly just hate him and want nothing to do with him again, since finding out I’m pregnant.
Thank you very much for your help and time .

It does sound like it fizzled, and if it was broken for you it wasn’t doing much on his end either. This can happen when the target just isn’t into it and basically breaks it like you’d break a hex.

People also don’t give others credit when all humans are a bit magick naturally. The ex could easily have just intended you’d hate him, maybe so you didn’t hurt, and have that manifest. People do casual curses on each other all the time just being in a bad mood, he could have done magick on you to turn your attention to someone else.

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Before that, I had a lust spell and a “Return to me” spell done, evoking Lilith. In the past I had both done on the same target and it worked within a week or two. These were done about 2 months ago, or maybe one of them was done slightly more than 2 months ago.

Is that honestly too long for manifestation? I thought manifestation could occur 3 months or even longer after rituals are done.

I currently have no feelings for any man. The guy who got me pregnant is very young, and he’s a troubled, unfortunate soul. I never had romantic feelings for me and he’s much younger than me. He takes various medications for psychiatric illnesses. He’s had sex only 5 times in his life, and 4 of those times were with me. I worry about him and don’t want him to stress out to the point he is suicidal or something. I told him I would manage and he doesn’t need to be in the picture regardless of what I decide.

My point is that meanwhile as I’m busy dealing with all this intense drama right now, I automatically don’t care whether or not the target of all these rituals comes back into my life.
I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d end up in the situation I’m currently in. Never. Despite looking very young for my age, I’m not actually young, so that’s why.

So…Lilith decides to dissolve “love spell” rituals as soon as the person who performed them decides they no longer desire the target? Doesn’t that mean I am the one with all the power? I thought she is supposed to be the one with the power? It doesn’t make sense. And she’s had power over this target before. It was… Amazing.

Thank you

Is it true that my rituals with Lilith to get my ex to return, which were cast approximately 2 months ago, without any results yet will never manifest if I no longer am interested in the target (my ex)?

One was a lust/obsession ritual, the second was a “return to me” ritual and the third was a “love binding ritual.” All 3 were done with Lilith. The love binding ritual was done only 7 weeks ago.

So is it guaranteed that if I no longer want my ex, none of those will manifest? It’s all up to me? Thank you very much for any advice.

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