Love & Baneful Magic: We Love by The Sword, We Die By The Sword

I heard the term Yandere and wondered what it meant. Apparently it represents a psychotic, loving girl that is willing to do anything to get her Senpai, and especially kill anyone Who gets in their way.

I was Then Inspired to create a rite for that very purpose cause I know there are Women who are willing to do that shit, and men as well if you you swing that way.

Since all I seem to attract are crazy bitches that are into Death in one form or another, here we are with a rite to get your Senpai whoever he or she may be.

Shout out to all the Psychotic, Crazy Bitches (oops I mean Yandere’s) out there. This one’s for y’all :love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture:

What you Need
• Bergamot Oil

• Red Candle

• Black Candle

• Athame

What to Do
Carve a Heart with the Athame and carve the Initials of yourself and the Senpai inside the heart.

Consecrate the Bergamot Oil as Follows, seeing a Brownish Silver star looming above.

Let the star that turns the waters Bitter, and Sour,
The Star that killed 1/3 of the population of earth when it fell,
Descend into this Oil of Wormwood and stir up he waters of Death against all who stand between me and Senpai.
I command this Oil to awaken in Soul and let the blackened fire of Zohak destroy all limitation upon it and within it.
I call upon the Qlippoth sphere of Venus, all that is fair and unfair in Love and War to rise around, before, and within me.

Pour 9 drops Of The Bergamot on the ground and see it sink into hell below stirring up the realms.

Let the forces of Passionate, psychotic love arise!

Carve the names of those who stand inbetween you and Senpai around the heart and anoint them with Oil of Wormwood.

Using the Athame, scratch their names out one by one, thus murdering them and removing them from the path.

Anoint the Heart and trace it’s outline or pattern with your Eyes, Hands, and your Third hand. This means to visualize your astral hand tracing over it with energy.

Gaze at it and see it glow with the force of Love and Bane, simultaneously.
Call on Kali Maa to eliminate all enemies and obstacles from your path that hinder your will.

Send forth your Will into the sphere/heart and command that it is done.