Love / attraction spell on two different men

Is it possible to cast a love / attraction spell on two different men at the same time? Please don’t moralize it. Which spells do you recommend that actually work? I appreciate the help.


Yes it’s possible, there’s even spells to just booster your over-all attraction period to just have men/women flock to you. Typically I don’t follow spells made by others so I can’t recommend you anything. Normally I specifically tailor them to my target. It just works better in my experience anyway.

If that is an issue for you I highly recommend using the search engine on the forum, there’s plenty of love/attraction spells people have posted. Also plenty of references of spirits that specialize in this area that you could work with if that’s more of your fancy.


Just out of curiosity, how do you tailor your spells? I mean do you use visualization and candles and then just elaborate an intention according to the target or do you prefer a different method? I’ve been with both of this guys before, we had something casual, so i know they like me but probably not enough to talk to me again, obviously something went wrong and they lost interest so i want them back in a passionate and romantic way. Thanks for answering…

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I love love spells. But I’ve not yet experienced or I suppose, properly used someone who was under one. I think that you need to combine the spell or jar or whatever with your own efforts…

I think the best love spell I’ve found so far is C Kendall’s Astarte one, and I’m always looking out for more, I’d rather have one that strictly focused on the target and on your ability to control them. As opposed to the spell working on yourself AND the other person… I should make a post about this actually…

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yeah its possible, I don’t see how that would be contradictory.