Love and Spells ... I know, I know, I know

I am new to this. Very new. Reading and watching.

I have taken the advice of others who have tred this path long before me.

Contact me spell, honey jar spell, stronger love spells that I have found on here. Conducted by a novice - me. I consulted a medium and a tarot card reader - both highly recommended. Both tell me that this is idefinjtely not done. In time, we will be back together. We are twin flames. And these relationships can be difficult until … they are not!

My question is about signs, not the morality of what I am doing, please.

Was Freud right? Are there no coincidences?

I have had no contact from my love. But I see his name when I order a necklace for my son - his name is the pendant used in the advertisement. Yesterday, his organisation was mentioned on the radio - his is not a large company. And today, my phone decides to share with me photos from a four year span - I did not set this up - he is in every single one of them. Every single one. Often of us on our travels. Happy memories. Interestingly, some with his family - his children, siblings, and parents. Although none of my family appear. Again. I did not set this function up.

Are these ‘signs’ that the magic is happening, like a whirling dervish?

Any musings/ teachings / mentoring would be most gratefully received. Special thanks to WhiteHeart for his politeness to my stupidity and to Fire for the honesty in his posts.

Best to you and yours.


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It’s hard to say, because the human mind will always notice whatever it focuses on. With all the emotion and obsession you are directing towards your target, it could simply be where your mind is directed so you notice things you otherwise would not.

For example, when you buy a new car, you will start seeing that specific car everywhere.

In the beginning of a relationship, if your new love wears a certain perfume, you will start to smell it everywhere.

When you crush on someone, you will notice their name popping up in movies, books, and overheard conversations.

Things like this happen whether magick is involved or not, and is simply the way the mind functions. You can drive yourself crazy seeing “signs” that aren’t there. My advice is to simply stop worrying about them, and focus on living your life, letting the magick do its work without interference.


Dear DarkestKnight

I think this is incredibly useful advice.

Thank you for taking the time to write.

G x

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I agree with Darkest Night.

However, I myself am a strong believer that “coincidences” have reason behind them. From my own experience, now you have seen possible signs of your magick manifesting, let it go and don’t obsess over it any longer. After seeing all these signs, it should be even more easy for your mind to relax and forget.

All the best x

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Dearest Bea

Thank you for taking the time to write.

I feel happy with these ‘coincidences’.


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