Love and seduction

Hello I just want to have sex with girls not love and emotional stuff , but some people in forum say they fall into a deeper love than their lovers, is this inevitable and all spells work like that?

I also want just sex, love is something that i don’t feel. It all depends the way you think, sounds to me that your lustful no shame in that but not everyone can fall in love.

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I feel as if it works best to cast a spell on yourself that attracts girls in general instead of Just one.

Understand that attraction isn’t logical. Using magick to attract someone doesn’t mean you’re going against their free will. There are ways to do it by appealing to their primal side.

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If you target a specific person to do a love spell on them, if its successful the target will fall in love with you, more like obsessed
I have read some stories where some of the targets went crazy but for each spell im sure there is a reverse spell to undo it

If you want just sex then go ahead and do a attraction spell, its upto you after a woman has approached you in someway to turn into a relationship or just bang bang friday nights.

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My main concern is my feelings against her . Will I get into love with her or no? Does spell affect my feelings or not?

:joy: bang bang Fridays was perfect