Love and manipulation

well guys and gals here the story goes… as you all know im in highschool for those of you that didnt know you do ( lmaoo that sounded funny). now that thats out of the way back to the story soo during my first year of highschool i met a amazing girl and we started talking our relationship was amazing unconciously though we formed a bond that wouldnt leave us both even to this day. the thing with us though is we would get jealous over little things she would get jealous if i was talking to other females and i would get jealous if she even got to friendly with other males. but the only reason we were like that is because we cared so much for each other now there was one day where we werent talking and i remember here saying ″terry dont go in there please~ and by in there im referring to the dunkin donuts across the street from school. so she grabbed me and im naturally hard headed so i pulled away walked into the store and got jumped by all the boys in there. as im getting up and since i was prepared for the beat down i was in a state of fury and was preparing to go fight them all i was about to make my way back across the street she grabbed me hard and started dragging me and said your going home so i tried to pull away and before i fully could she held on tighter so then i screamedat her and said why are you here? why did you interfere ?. i thought you didnt care she screamed at me and ive never even saw her get mad ″if i didnt care would i be here?if i didnt care would i have risked myself on your behalf almost get beat up by 20 people for us ?! ~ at that moment everything clicked for me and i knew that i couldnt i couldnt not have this girl in my life. skip forward we stopped talking because of something and she ended up getting a boyfriend i thought that if i just ignored here i could forget and move on but that bond the bond that binds wont let that happen this year came and we talk somewhat everytime we hug i see it in her eyes the looks, the smiles

and all the kisses we shared i dont know whats on her mind but i know whats on mine i want her back and i just want her to leave him and come back to me . everytime i see her i see bond in her i see that theres so much on her mind but i cant sit here with all this in me plagueing my thoughts my body,emotions etc. i need her back :(. everytime i think of a way at first sitri popped up but then his name faded now taking his place is king paimon. the question is for you all should i do this?.

You are true God and there is none else. If you want it, you can get it. My personal morality has nothing particularly wrong with love magic of any degree. Just make sure that you are prepared for the consequences whatever they may be. It’s my personal practice that before I do magic of any kind that I use divination to peer into the future to make sure that I am prepared for any consequences and that I won’t be surprised about anything.

So, that’s my only recommendation. Is that you take some time first to divine the future, however you do that.

That kind of question is what divination is for!

“But I might not have psychic skills!”

No problem! :slight_smile:

That’s what the Book Of Fate is for, you don’t need overt psychic skills to use it.

“But I can’t afford a book!”

Good job there’s a free legal download in that link then - along with full instructions, and my notes on how to adapt the question for magick… :smiley:

Also, the equally easy and simple I Ching is my go to divination tool and also has online resources. All it takes is some pocket change.

thankyou guys :slight_smile: i will look into it as for divination never done it but ill try .