Lottery Working

Cool, well I guess I’ll see you then which should be fun.

Anyway in regards to when we do the group occult lotto work, I would like to wait until two things are out of the way. First is the freinds with benefits 2 and secondly, in december I will be going with the book author John Perkins and his group to visit some shapeshifting shamen in guatamala for about a week in december. If I started it before those are out of the way I think I would have a bit much on my plate with this, that and my other projects as well. But once those two things are out of the way I will make a topic for it. In the meantime anyone who is intrested in this project, my advice is to work on improving on things that will help it such as letting go of attachment to money and improving on your occult defense if you feel you will need to, and of course sharpening your evocation or whatever your specialty is for money magic.

I think each person being responsible for their own ticket would be the easiest way. With all these black magicians, sure, they can do a group working for each other, because there is a potential gain for each individual…

But you know if you tried to “share” or pool the winnings, especially if not all the tickets won, everyone would have to know that actual identity of one another. Then, how do you know if it wouldn’t end up like the plot of some crime movie such as Way of the Gun? ;)[/quote]

Well anyone who tried to pull something underhanded against me would have a terrible time. But I agree I think each person being responsible for their own ticket would be the easiest. though if you win and decided to donate a bit of the winning money to the rest of the group then that’s fine too.[/quote]

Yea, I’m not saying anyone would just take it laying down. Just pointing out the potential hilarity of the situation - a bunch of self-styled black magicians attempting to “share” a big pile of money. I probably would be one of those who would share with the rest of the group, but I would do so carefully. :wink:

Much logistically simpler to look after your own ticket first from a position of safety and strength. Charity is much easier once in such a position.

that sounds interesting, but getting back on topic how is it done?

I have had experiences with the goetia (much similar to the capabilities of vassago) that seem to have no concept of time. The proximity of the numbers were close but the overall goal was not fullfilled. This is an experiment that was carried out in my first workings. I now know that this stuff is for real. This was proved by other workings, now I would like to see if it is possible to make this happen.

king: Well, go check out the Friends With Benefits threads to see how it will probably be approached. I think the general plan of action for that group is to have a goal, evoke the appropriate entity(s) and assign them to the task. So this discussion, as far as we’re concerned, is pretty on topic.

As to what the task precise is, my own plan would be to just have the entity in question make it happen. I would probably seek out an entity known to bring wealth, and I would let them work out the details, rather than having them tell me the numbers. If they have the ability to know or force the winning lottery numbers, I think it shouldn’t be a stretch to guide my intuition (or the randomness of the quick pick) when I pick up a ticket.

It seems to me that what you’re after is developing strong powers of divination, or being able to directly will things to happen. If that is the case, do as Maxx suggested: develop a relationship with entities that specialize in that sort of thing and have them instruct you.

A major thread with this forum community is developing the 3GP. Evocation is the power portion of the trinity, and is a big part of developing our other abilities as well. If one can become competent at it, a number of other abilities will open.

Don’t take me wrong, I’m not speaking to you as if you are ignorant of these things. Just laying out the general flavor of how this community seems to view the path in a general way.

Defectron - You’ve got to let us all know how the shapeshifting Shaman thing goes!

Sure thing, not entirely sure what to expect right now, but I’m sure it will be pretty cool.

[quote=“redcircle, post:12, topic:554”]Heheh, that’d be pretty interesting if that happened. I’m not sure how I would respond to the illuminati showing up on my doorstep offering a job. On the one hand the illuminati seems to be all about everything I’m opposed to. But on the other hand I do need the money. If I did take the job I’d probably end up constantly men tally kicking myself for selling out so it probably wouldnt be worth it for me in the end.

I do know of one guy from evocation magic who used vassago to predict which numbers of the lotto would be winning and he did win, though he didnt say how much he won.[/quote]

You could ask Wycleef Jean why he took the $500 million to drop out of the Haitian presidential race. So many plots and bs happening all around and the ‘so called media never reports it’…but I digress.

[quote=“king, post:1, topic:554”]Yes money is what im after, not to mention the idea of freedom that opportunities that could bring, really do not think I need to elaborate here. That being said that is my target. Which is the start of a developing talent that I want to imprint in my DNA. An example would be to later on use this talent to lay my hand on a chemistry book and learn to absorb knowledge. Just a thought.

Any suggestions, critiques, comments?[/quote]

Why not look at it from a 5th dimensional viewpoint. Instead of putting energy into the pushing and pulling of influencing the numbered ball outcome, why not use your astral projection to go to the moment after the future drawing and see what the numbers are. A current experiment is to write down the numbers after the drawing as a regular practice. Then projecting a day or too ahead and seeing/remembering the numbers written on the chalkboard; then return/wake up and write them down.

So far this ‘ongoing’ has netted three numbers from Saturday’s Powerball drawing. Do you see my point ?
You are not trying to influence the outcome, which would put you in a push and pull game with the millions trying to win. Instead U are a passive observer of the ‘future event’ just reporting back what you saw…(I believe in working smarter. Not harder )

im on it. Thanks.

This makes more sense than the push/pull game.

Does anyone know a reference to project on our plane? Everytime I project im in a different plane altoghether. When I project out and want to go near my body, I go back in like a magnet. Any suggestions or topic im obviously not aware of?

There is an angel in Kontanstino’s book on evocation that helps with investing. It’s not money right away but it can help you in the medium term.

[quote=“king, post:29, topic:554”]im on it. Thanks.

This makes more sense than the push/pull game.

Does anyone know a reference to project on our plane? Everytime I project im in a different plane altoghether. When I project out and want to go near my body, I go back in like a magnet. Any suggestions or topic im obviously not aware of?[/quote]

What about going to a local supermarket or 711 where the numbers are posted when you project…

Another idea is the lotto scratch off cards, it may be easier to influence these, although the possible winnings aren’t as much, for example you may exert your influence so the winning card that is printed, whatever one that may be might find its way into your local gas station and will be the one you will buy. There’s honestly alot of agngles we can come from here, so deciding how each working will be done will have to be something we should disscuss.

[quote=“Darkness, post:2, topic:554”]Rather than trying to predict the lottery numbers, manipulating the outcome itself seems to be more practical. I imagine it could be done by mastering the manipulation of random number generators, such as on this website:

I’ve tasked an autistic savant to figuring out how the numbers are picked, and he started recognizing complex and distinct mathematical formulas within a few days (and the methods which influence certain numbers to be picked to rig the game and make it as hard as possible to win), however he admitted even as time went on that the pattern changes randomly at certain times, and there’s no way to spot the pattern for sure mathematically because part of it boils down to probabilities. Which is part of why it’s so fucking difficult to win, but magical users win, and if you don’t believe me start reading articles about what lottery winners have to say about winning, you will manage to find people who speak very cryptically about winning, and after you read a few dozen your feelings on the subject might change.

Just like in Vegas, if someone wants to rig a game physically, your best bet of overcoming it is with magick, that’s why there’s usually a defense against it (now that I’m back I’ll elaborate about that more later in a thread where someone has asked about the magical defenses in Vegas casinos that I’ve encountered).

There are ways around it. But, it might take a little time to gather the people here who would be able and willing to help.

P.S. A great Idea would be rather than to influence the scratch cards, to learn koetting’s omniscience program and figure out which ticket to buy at the store. The stories I’ve heard about friend winning this boils down to intuitive feeling, (Someone I know has won a $10,000 scratch ticket prize off of a random burst of intuition), this intuitive feeling can be trained and combined with other elements to make it more powerful and effective

Best of Luck
-Frater Apotheosis

I have done some research on random number generation and, I your friend is right. If you take the past winning numbers and follow a few formulas. It is hard to find the right patterns of numbers mathmatically. Unless you already have enough money to buy the combinations of numbers that should frequent the highest possible chances to win.

Frater A, I agree with you, alot of the winners responses seems that they have pushed the odds. I have no doubt in my mind it will work.

Sigil magick works with scratch off but fuck that. That seems more like dabbling around to see if it works or you are in a bad situation and need to get out of that situation (lost wallet and ran out of gas, for example)

honestly, it would be a good job for a goetic spirit. Its a Specific task and it cuts down on random shit that happens while getting results.

I would love to astral project to the drawing room in the future, but im not there yet. It seems like I get better results at evocation than astral projection. At least when I get results at evocation the results are measurable.

However, I did try vassago the other night. It went horrible. Evocation went well, my communication was off. The next day I received money before work, awesome, on my way to work, the arresting officer thought it would be better to spend the day with him instead. Lost my second job. I got money, not the amount I wanted. Success? I have made a decision about that yet.

Thank god I have a sence of humor, which is comforting that the things I call forth do too. Bastard.

[quote=“Maxx, post:15, topic:554”]I have not seen here…if there was a winner…how would everyone know who it was…and…even bigger…please list how all the money would be divided…if any…and how would you monitor that?..I’d love to watch all this…

PS…I am a salesman…I KNOW what human nature is and what corruption can do to a family…it keeps the attorneys in work…LOL.

Uncle Fester[/quote]

Uncle Fester… I would love it if you would PM me. I’d like to talk to you.

The “guest” status under his membername means he requested his account to be deleted, I think quite a ling time ago - it’s possible he rejoined later under a different name and will see this and PM you, but you may not hear back if not.

So anybody here actually won a lotto yet using magick?

I won $200 US on a scratch off at a time when I needed a little extra cash. Unintentional magick, perhaps? If anyone, anywhere, has ever hit “The Big Jackpot” through magick, they aren’t saying, and most likely never will.

to be quite honest, i seriously doubt any magician has managed to pull that feat off.

success leaves clues. ALWAYS.

and the wall of silence you run into when you plainly ask this question is its own answer.

to be quite honest, i seriously doubt any magician has managed to pull that feat off.

success leaves clues. ALWAYS.

and the wall of silence you run into when you plainly ask this question is its own answer.[/quote]

I only think thats half the answer concerning a subject like this. If anyone had the Key to Winning the lottery with magick they wouldnt be openly telling you on this forum now would they? Keeping this within context of the lottery of course as that is not a universal rule. At best if they were to share the answer out of Good Will, it would probably be because they do not care about monetary wealth, or perhaps they have a developing idea and want to share it among the group.