Lots of negativity lately

sometimes when you don’t deal with the BS people. don’t put up with them and stand up for your self respect. You attract better people and less of trouble people Some even respect you more when you show you don’t put up with the BS lies and games that they use to manipulate people. If you see through their lies and manipulative behaviors, they might go away knowing they did wrong. It’s called walk of shame cuz they got caught and finally realize they did wrong when you call their bullshit out and stand up to it. Of course you know they will try to turn it on you to be the bad guy with lies. STand your ground and ignore their lies to make you feel like a bad guy. They will talk shit like saying this is your true colors showing evil heart when you talk truth to them. They see it as attack when all your doing is just being honest with facts. Those people are superficial. They want nice nice always and not truth. Best to leave them to suffer as they don’t want good honest people in their life.

Real people will communicate to clear things up , not just one way relationship of take take take.

The key is to realize that friendship;/relationship involve 2 people doing things together helping each other, not doing things to benefit one person only. It’s called involving each other in each other’s life and supporting each other. Not only supporting one side. Everything should be thought of as 2 sides benefit. sharing/give and take. Not just take or one side focus. Another clue is when focus is on activity together rather then me me me benefits, they are more open to connect. It become ego when it’s all about me or her/him activity. When they ask to do stuff that is about them it’s selfishness. They should be asking how to do things together. Enjoying company rather then self interest.


@anon37593562 thanks for this insight.
I’ve learnt a lot from this experience ever since.

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One other thing. Don’t lower your self to their level. Meaning, they are less evolve so they want you to throw away all your spiritually learning just to please them. Don’t change for others unless it is for your higher good. Do not sacrifice self. If they want to be in your life. LET them grow and step up spiritually. do not go backwards in your evolution to please others cuz you care. Again. Get them to evolve not you devolving .

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Thanks @wiseup. Your words encourage me a lot in this path.
I’ve decided to let go of things that does not serve my higher purpose (self).
Whoever wants to be in my life will always find a way to.
Most people over here are too religions and her very difficult to change. Most