Lotir Beauty Working: Feedback from Alchemists?

So I was pawing through KoF and Lotir’s description and introduction caught my eye.

I knew I was supposed to evoke her and start working.

She egged me on, signed a contract that she would do something for me, if I learn from her.

See, I was interested in Lotir’s immense beauty. For the longest time, I wanted this. She has this herself. She asked me to focus on a certain feeling, the feeling of shock and awe having seen someone gorgeous. I imbued them into my bones, liver, heart, nerves system, my face and eyes, my hair, whatnot, just going at her instruction and I reflected this onto my organs until I felt I was done.

So last night I worked on an exercise she gave me.

Imagine a whispy aura around you. This translates to beauty like I was searching for. She said I just have to focus on it and it would grow. I made the aura “cultivate” insanely quickly. She told me to stare at it for about an hour. I ended up completing the exercise later at night.

She told me to walk around, get water, go to sleep and when I woke up in the morning I would be closer to what I want.

I wake up, look in the mirror, and I honestly cannot know. I feel better, and I might look better, but I am not aware of how the process goes.

So this question goes out to people like @Lady_Eva , what do you feel about this? I’m not looking for validation, just some insight and direction. I’ll continue working with Lotir today.

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