Lost things

There is an array of things that have either been misplaced or taken from my room by spirits or fairies. One of which is some money which I can’t find anywhere, can someone please tell me how to get my stuff back?

I hate it when they do that. Ask them nicely to ‘help you find them’- act as if you don’t know they took them and you think they’re just amazing being able to help you find them again. It’s a game, you see. The stuff tends to show back up in places you already looked.


I always wondered about that lol. Sometimes i think its vassago trying to get my attention when I don’t talk with him or my other guides for a couple days. Cause he knows as soon as I loose or misplace something he is the first one i come running to.

I hadn’t thought about the fey though. :thinking: opens up a whole new world now.

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So speaking on the items that have gone missing, two days ago I went outside in my backyard for a few minutes and when i came back to go inside the spirit had locked the door. When i was cleaning my room I heard this sort of growl coming from beside my bed, my pants drawstring lifted up in the air then quickly dropped down. I did this spell to better my relationship with the spirit that is taking residence in my room. The spell consisted of writing two lists, one of what you are grateful for in life the other your wishes and things you want support in.I had this list adorn with a magickal energy symbol at the top. When I came back into my room after being gone for like 15 20 mins I noticed the left side of the paper (which held the what i’m grateful for list) was wet. The back side of the paper was covered in coffee. There was no other trace of coffee before this and my coffee was on the other side of the desk. I also just cleaned my table so there was no way it could’ve been there and I didn’t notice. Im quite unsure of if this spirit is bad or just has a dark sense of humour. Thoughts? I also just wanted to point out that im not scared but I have done sage to get rid of any negative forces and i have seen shadows in my room…

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Maybe ask it what it wants but definitely protect yourself before acknowledging it directly.

unfortunately im way past that point.

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Well if you work with angels, id ask Michael for protection.