Lost my job and I want the people responsible to pay

Mostly just venting but I lost my job today.

I actually came into today but I won’t be compensated for it because I wasn’t on the schedule but thought it was a mistake because I’ve only been there 2 weeks and it’s happened before.

I went in and no one said anything until I got off and one of the foreman’s said that I was on a “list.”

What list ?

Well yesterday some of us couldn’t get on the boat at work ( naval boat btw) and they’re sitting there checking the list because something went missing on the boat.

I already have the sticker for the boat because my foreman was told to have someone give me one. Ok.

Even though I was told I was on the list I wasn’t and of course they inquired about why I had a clearance sticker already.

Once again , a navy boat, a MP equivalent ( I think they’re called security forces in the navy? ) with an m4 yelling at me.

Cameras everywhere in this yard btw and they know I didn’t have access Monday ( the day before) I’m sure so what are you gonna do ?

Get shot or hauled off to the navy jail and questioned or tell them my company gave that to me ? Because that’s what I said. I’m not a snitch, espically working with a lot of Hispanics so I didn’t name anyone specific.

Considering my boss isn’t replying to my texts why I’m not on tommorows dispatch I’ll take it I’m fired.

I’m supposed to take a bullet or get interrogated for a company paying me 18$ hr in SD and no health benefits ? Hahaha

I’m gonna take a look at some voodo curses or something. If you have any good book recommendations on the topic that would be great.

Looks like I might get knocked down a peg because I’ll only have 600-700$ Friday until I find a new job.

I might end on broadway in Chula Vista eating a can of sardines and sleeping in a box in the next couple of weeks

I really hope my truck doesn’t have an unexpected repair or it gets in a bad accident. Game over for me.