Lost Love? Rekindling interest? Look No further!

Before you say this is a click bait it isn’t. I am actually dumbfounded by the workings of New Avatar Power. Spirits like Pagiel, Anael, Jazar, have brought back my dying relationship multiple times. And they’ve done it again. I had a big fight with my girlfriend and well, it was an end it all kinda fight. We didn’t speak well for a few days. I started invoking Jazar and Anael. I have worked with them before and voila, 3 days into the working and she’s close with me all over again. I swear by this power.

PS:- It adds an extra umph if you do the invocation while in trance state. Or Theta Gamma Sync. I personally haven’t mastered those states and can barely get into them



What is your pathworking if you don’t mind me asking??

It’s nice to read success stories as a lot of us wish to be able to write something like this so much :slight_smile:

I just follow the procedure laid out in the New Avatar Power book


It isn’t an impossible task buddy :smile:…Stop wishing and start acting. Just gear up your intention and let the reality know you mean business.

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I am not sure if I know how to do that :sweat_smile::crazy_face:
I tried a lot of things so far but it seems like a) I have to be patient or b) nothing happens

Sounds good!! Thank you!!

Or you are just depowering your intention by lusting for the result? It’s a common groundrule for magick. Just let the intention in and let it go

I wouldn’t say i am lusting. Maybe at the beginning but not anymore. But in the last time I would just like to see some results. I thought I got results but…no unfortunatly not.

Are you referring to the relationship you’re currently in or past relationships when you refer to multiple times.

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Relationship I am currently in

Then don’t take this the wrong way but if you’re having to fix it multiple times, it would seem that you’re just throwing a Band-Aid for temporary fixes.

That being said, I would search for the common thread that lies at the root of all of the arguments that you have, and let that be the focal point of my magic.

Congratulations now next fight try to work it out before it gets like that lol