Lost information. How to recover it?

I have a teacher that has a massive expansion of knowledge about literally everything I want to know that isn’t in black magick. His teachings books are going away, because he’s deleting them. I’m young and it will be a while before I have money for his products. Before I know it the information will be lost. How can I recover this information, because I want to have it?

It is to my knowledge you can evoke a live person. Is this possible? How is this done? And can I evoke this person to teach me instead of purchasing his products? What about after he dies? Can I conjure his dead spirit and have him teach me in death? Can I get a another spirit like a demon, because he has dabbled in sorcery and has an affiliation with Zepar, to teach me his secrets?

PS: While I haven’t mastered communion with spirits, this could be a first step into this direction for me.

You can evoke a living person and ask them for guidance, I just want to get some backkground though - why is he deleting all his stuff?

Has he had a change of heart or something?

Most people who are into what they’re doing are only too happy to pass it along, if he’s dying and has really regretted his black magick stuff (or something) evoking him may be harder if his entire will and soul is against his former work.

I think finding the spirits he worked with and saying to them “Hey, you lost that dude, but I’m here and more than ready to be your channel” MAY be more effective than fixating on this one guy?

If his stuff worked for him, he presumably wouldn’t be trying to erase it all, and even if he had a reason, spirits LOVE to talk through people, so I can’t see them refusing your offer to be “the next (your guy’s name)” if you step up and make the offer?

He’s deleting his stuff because he wants people to hurry and buy it and to also make it extremely rare. He admires it that much, but his info is really expensive. A side question though. Instead of evoking him could I evoke someone like say Sitri and have him teach me how to “enflameth women with lust and show themselves naked if be desired”?

What’s going through my head is: instead of evoking a spirit and have it run supernatural powers through me I was wondering if it could teach me how to generate it on my own. Like a dating coach if it were say Sitri or Lilith, or how to steal if it were valefer.

Then he’s an insecure idiot with a scarcity mindset, and can actually teach you NOTHING.

He admires it that much, but his info is real expensive. A side question though. Instead of evoking him could I evoke someone like say Sitri and have him teach me how to "enflameth women with lust and show themselves naked if be desired"?

OMG, if that’s what this guy is peddling, then you’re better off with him dead or deleted.

Get powerful.

Do the work.

Worry about the rest, later.

He’s actually the #1 dating coach in 2008. He had 12 supermodel girlfriends and has women all around him.

a Dating coach? Seriously? I would Follow Lady Eva advice if i were you instead of Listening to this Guy.

You could work with Sitri, I know people on here have had results, obviously I have nothing personal on that because seduciing women isn’t an interest of mine.

All that screams insecurity to me, sorry. Although its fair to say that I’m not his target market.

I could just nod and smile but I read these PUA blogs now and again, and it seems to me a lot of these dating coach types are awarding themselves a Darwin Award by shunning family life, developing a distanced and bitter mindset towards women, and then luring their followers down the same route, like priapic pied pipers.

It’s all great until you get to 45, 50, realise all you know how to do is manipulate women for sex, have disillusioned yourself about women by only seeing them in a certain light (and only spending time with the ones susceptible to your patter), and that you’ve trained yourself to always be on the lookout for something better – and therefore will eventually die alone, miserable, and unlamented (unless they’re rich, in which case they’ll have a few whores around them, which is the only possible word for a young woman who sleeps with an older guy for his money).

These guys are basically the cat ladies of the male world, isolating themselves with substitutes for real love, only the pussies they surround themselves with are slightly different.

There seem to be huge, and growing, levels of bitterness and distrust between the sexes right now, and I understand guys trying to come up with systems and processes to overcome that (it’s what guys do) but I don’t think most dating coaches are really very healthy influences.

Some of them, like RooshV, are waking up to this themselves and starting to preach about marrying and raising kids, but they fail to take responsibility for their contradictory dialogue, that women are sex objects (until they want them not to be, and start condemning the very ones they previously lusted after) so I don’t see huge amounts of insight in that community – yet, anyway.

I remain hopeful, RooshV’s a very clever guy under the cocky manner and shock tactics, and might eventually figure it out.

But hey, I’m an old hen, so feel free to ignore all that! :stuck_out_tongue:

There is value to be learned in that scene. Take what is relevant and then continue to evolve. Ive done alot of that stuff as a teenager and it can be used on other things other than dating. If you want a more wholesome relationship, why not just mix in magick that does that.

I think the reason the sexes are having a hard time is because they have forgotten the meaning of what Love is… there are multiple forms of it and Sex is actually one form.