Losing your demon contact in the middle of the Ritual

Something that happened tonight I would like to talk about with you as a dabbler in evokation.
This time (it’s full moon) , I decide to evoke a particular dark God from the ONA litterature. I set up the ritual, add an offering for the God . I start trying to obtain the crossroad to be able to feel his presence. That’ was difficult, because ONA don’t give to much informations about each dark gods, so the preparative immersion was not at his best. Just add the sigil , the name and what he is suppose to do. I passed maybe 20 minutes calling his name and without feeling any particular presence. That after a long , long time, I start feeling at the crossroad, with the sensation of not be alone. The god manifest itself as something wild, like the feeling to have a werewolf or a beasty creature puting is two hand on my shoulders to manifest his presence.

I raise my eyes from the sigil to the smoke, but as I do so, it was more and more difficult to sense the presence of the spirit in the room, and my crossroad sensation had decreased a lot. I try to gain it back and I felt again the impression of “not being alone”, but I didn’t found back the impression of real dark presence that I felt before.

Does some of you had this phenomena before ? How do you react to this ?
Of course, I finished the ritual, give the command , even if the answer that come to my mind was not very conclusive (something like “the true God is inyourself, my essence is not what will help you on this way”). Hard to know if this was the answer of the spirit or my subconscience deception on the ritual that give me the answer.

yes- sounds familiar… something that came to mind
(might not relate to your case) is that “getting in the state to Contact” requires being in alignment and energized… and one can “Run out of Gas”… in other words, like being on a cellph/mobile call and the dialing the # and starting to talk and then losing the connection…
(as both the charge of the phone/battery running down during… as well as if moving and moved-out-of-reception area… like in a car or on a train)

Also being in the harmonic mind-state… sort of like the phrase “being on the same page” . and how that is tricky to “be on the same page” with a person (human) you relate with well… let alone a human that is a very different mentality than you (you two see the world very differently)… how much more so an Entity that Sees things different (let alone SEEs so much more)…
A trick I’ve posted about, but it seems not to be in the area others in this forum consider (maybe just my angle)- the mindstate one ActsFrom… (so the initial part of your Rite might have come from a Mindstate… and during the Rite changes your state of mind… but then you went to “do-something” and you broke state so to speak …

(like the trick in “internal” Martialarts (where the emphasis is to actively act without triggering fightorflight and staying calm-smooth while moving fast and shocking… vs External MA where ampup is the method… just different systems) -until one has developed that new pattern, one can trigger the “old pattern” and then it comes-from that state (and all the phy-men/energetic conditions of that mind-state…)
As an example: where calling-forth a great deal of power, one may “forget how to talk” -or think in words- just that new mind-set (assemblege pt…?) needs develop skills… else shifts back to "known territory (thus “breaks state”)

of course the other element could be a result of the back&forth exchange (call and response) of the comm.