Losing time

I have heard of people losing hours or even days of memory when getting possessed or getting deep into a current. Has anyone ever lost months of time?

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I don’t usually know for that time period of possessions which is why I record it but I stipulate how how long the maximum time frame is for how much control I relinquish

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That sounds more like a memory issue than a occult one. Unless the possession is so intense that the person is literally not the dominant consciousness anymore is the only case I can see that happening let alone months of it.

Time lasps without being medicated or in possession or any other conditions. That are of the mind or body, such as ptsd or injury to the brain or possibly mire physical.

If not these

Consider that you May be experiencing astral projection

Astral doesn’t time lapse months of no memory let alone mess with memory at all. Projection can make things feel wonky but not to that degree.