Losing motivation

I use to have a sickening work ethnic, I meditated every day focusing on my breath, using binaural beats, all 4 about 2 years and I still can’t control my thoughts, should I just attempt energy workings and evocations even tho my mind is literally chaos


No, magick is really intangible and destabilising, IMO you would do well to study Science of Mind and Law of Attraction (same concept presented differently) and forget trying to do stuff that requires innate confidence, determination, and resilient mood to master thoroughly.

You’re like a guy with a trapped nerve in his spine asking how to walk a tightrope to circus-pro levels, even if you succeed you’ll probably fuck yourself up worse than before.

Study some good old Positive Thinking and use that to imrpove your life, it;s nbot even 2nd best to evocation - it goes direct to your creative power within, and is the method I have had the most reliable and consistant results with:


Energyworking wouldn’t really be all that destabilizing tbh, assuming he does it with yogic-style techniques, and it could potentially solve some of the issues he has.

@Supernatual Have you tried doing active meditations like yoga or some martial art forms? I have found that physical motion paired with focusing on the breath can have a stronger effect on quieting your thoughts and mind.

There are many different forms of meditation, and you should look into alternatives to ‘sitting and counting breaths’ since that isn’t working all that well for you.


It’s hard work though and you have to, if not believe in yourself, at least be able to suspend disbelief.

But yeah worth a try.


The chatter probably wont stop. You could consider yourself as an observer of the mental chatter, that way it shouldn’t be a problem.

Go ahead and evoke!

Before you do, take stock of your feelings and mental chatter. Once the working/evocation is done, take stock of your mental state again. Are there new thoughts? Does anything feel foreign? That could be the demon.


Search your feelings Luke!


In a meditation video a Lama advises to not pay attention to the arising thoughts. Further, an esotericist wrote letters, in one of them he explained that one simply cannot turn chaos in order; and that the mental silence comes by itself. But, indeed, looking at the chaos there is detachment and with it peace.
Still, a rhythmic breathing followed by thoughts “removal” or sea/sky visualization may prepare the mind and cause “magical trance” as well (I noticed that an author of Magic suggested such a procedure for evocation, scrying and exiting the body… like EA)


Why would you want to control your thoughts? Take the approach of chaos and follow the thoughts down the rabbit hole when you meditate. Let them run wild unhinged, that’s how you’ll find your peace.

Most people manage to achieve a meditative state but never realise that they’re in one because they don’t know what to expect from it.

Do the nature or quality of the thoughts change when you’re deeper into the meditation? gradually or with a sudden transition doesn’t matter.


I’ve been taking taekwondo for a year now, and I plan to start taking yoga soon, it is good for physical fitness, but even in taekwondo class, I can’t focus for peanuts

Have you tried ear plugs? Sounds silly, but I’ve seen it work in quite a few people.

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No I haven’t, I have tried good noise isolating ear buds tho, does that count?

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ever think you may have a psychic parasite (larva)
i have tried meany banishings but i have seen no change.

You’ve tried the ear buds while meditating?

Do you know what helps me? If i can’t stay focused on the no chatter and quiet the monkey mind i let it talk. Have the thought and let it pass. Then requiet the mind and focus on the flame or black. Your breaths or third eye. If THAT doesn’t work, (i have adhd and it doesn’t work many times for very long) then meditate using thought. Focus on a place. Notice EVERYTHING you can about it. The sounds, animals, the way things feel on your skin. Try to feel, smell, see and taste everything you can. Make an astral temple and go there. And if that doesn’t work then use a guided meditation video. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses. You have to adapt things to meet your abilities and needs. If you can’t do it one way, i do not care if the rest of the world does it that way, do what you need to do to make it work for you. That is the beauty of magick. It is yours. All yours to do with what you want to achieve your goals. I am differently abled. So it may take extra work on my part and it may take me longer than everyone, but i never quit trying.

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Are you sure the mental chatter isn’t spirits talking to you? Some of them may speak in your own voice. Just throwing it out there. I had a lot of problems because I didn’t understand what was going on.